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Natural Solutions for Healthier Skin

Improve your skin naturally with these few tips & suggestions.
Mia Morales
Whether you are experiencing changes in your skin, or you are simply looking to shift your skincare regimen to be based off of more natural products, it can be tricky to find solutions that best fit the needs of your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is a mandate that many Americans struggle with. Although there are obvious benefits to hydration, such as increased energy levels and better brain function, having at least eight glasses of water every day is also great for your skin health.
Hydration keeps your skin soft and firm, and rids your body of toxins through your skin. Pairing regular water consumption with a good moisturizer will do wonders in keeping your skin at its optimum health without worrying about it drying out or causing wrinkles.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have various uses and benefits, such as relief through aromatherapy, and some can even be safely ingested to have a positive effect internally. They can be applied topically with a carrier oil, such as vegetable or olive oil, onto your skin.
Use a carrier oil and a blend such as copaiba essential oil to clear up your skin and reduce the redness and bumps associated with acne. You can mix a few drops of copaiba or other oils, like lavender for a calming effect, into your daily moisturizer, creating a solution that provides multiple benefits to your skin. The oils also make you smell wonderful.

Incorporate Shea Butter

Another natural solution for a myriad of skin issues is the versatile shea butter, which can be utilized to treat acne, stretch marks, and all sorts of rashes and skin irritations.
Shea butter is a natural and safe ingredient, it can be incorporated into sugar scrubs for your body, facial masks and washes, and even lip balms to keep your pout fresh and moisturized during dry winter months. Using it regularly can serve as a deterrent for wrinkles, dark spots, and other symptoms of aging skin.
Those who suffer from autoimmune skin conditions, like psoriasis and eczema, often find relief through applying lotions and creams with shea butter as a base ingredient as well.

Make Products at Home

If you have trouble trusting products that you buy from the store and whether all of the ingredients are natural, you can avoid this dilemma by crafting your own homemade skincare solutions. Common ingredients such as sugar, shea butter, and aloe are great for creating customized moisturizers, eye creams, or lotions for the specific needs of your skin.
One of the positive aspects of making your own skincare is that you know exactly which ingredients you are adding. This is a great option for consumers who have high risks of certain ingredients due to allergies or intolerances, and will not have to worry about accidental cross contamination as a result.

Change Your Diet

A guaranteed natural way to make improvements to your skin is by incorporating foods into your diet that are proven to contribute to the health of your skin. Popular snacks include walnuts, avocado, soy, broccoli, and even green tea. Nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, are full of nutrients and supplements that are good for skin health, like Vitamin E.
Even dark chocolate can have a positive impact, as it includes powerful antioxidants that help make skin more resistant to sunburns and other types of damage. Surprisingly, some studies have shown red wine to contain properties that contribute to slowing the aging of your skin.
Although it may seem difficult to find a skincare regimen that both meets the needs of your skin and is completely natural, it is possible to achieve the skin of your dreams without involving products with harsh chemicals. With these tips, you are guaranteed to bring your skin to its full potential.