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What to Use as Natural Skin Toner

Mamta Mule
Add a natural skin toner to your skin care routine and freshen up your skin in minutes. Given in this story are some options that you can consider.
A toner helps remove the impurities on your skin surface and keeps infections at bay. It also helps close the skin pores and tones it to give you a smooth skin texture. They also help control the oiliness of skin, hence keeping acne and other eruptions at bay.
Today there are various brands of toners available in the market. Natural homemade toners can also be used to improve the quality of your skin. Apart from being devoid of chemicals, homemade toners are also rich in anti-oxidants (as they are made from fresh fruits and vegetables) that are known for benefiting skin.
So, whenever you have free time, and you decide to rejuvenate your skin, use the following options for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Options Available

Cold Cucumber

Take a small cucumber and chop it in to small pieces. Add it to a bowl of yogurt and refrigerate this mixture. Take a thick cotton pad to apply the mixture on your skin. Wash off with cold water.

Fruit Juices

Simply applying the fruit juices on your skin is also extremely beneficial. You don't even require to extract the juice, simply cut a fruit in slices and use one. Slice of orange or apple can be used. Similarly you can rub a strawberry over your skin. Let it dry and wash off.

Vegetable Toners

You can have your skin toned with slices of vegetable like potato, gourd, tomato, etc. Mint leaves are also used for making natural toners. Take water in a bowl and keep it for boiling. Add some mint leaves to it, and let it stew for a while. Let the water cool for a while, and pour it in a jar. You can apply this concoction using cotton pads.

Refreshing Lemons

Lemons can be used in various ways to make the best natural toner for oily and dry skin as well. Remember that use of lemons must be avoided on sensitive skin. You can use lemon juice in combination with honey, or rose water to get rid of blemishes and dark spots.
Apart from the above mentioned toners, you can also use fresh coconut water as a toner for your skin. Simply dab some on your face using a cotton pad. This toner keeps acne at bay, and also gives your face a beautiful and healthy glow.