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Natural Red Hair Colors And Styles

Natural red hair is one of the rarest colors of human hair. Red hair color is the most sought after color shade by many women.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Natural red hair was a popular subject among the Pre-Raphaelite artists. Natural red hair people are traditionally thought to be hot-tempered, treacherous and people who cause trouble. 
This idea may probably got its origins in stage villains usually adorned red wigs during the medieval times. The most famous among them were Shylock and Mephistopheles in Grattan's Faust, 1842.

Did you know...

  • Natural red hair people also called 'redheads', are often descendants of the Danes, the Scots, or the Spanish sailors of Armada.
  • This is a very rare hair color as only 1-2% of the people around the world are natural redheads.
  • It generally appears in people who inherit two copies of a recessive gene present on chromosome 16. This gene is responsible for the mutation in the MC1R protein that leads to red hair color. 

And Guess What??!!

  • It is said that Queen Elizabeth I of England was a red-head. Thus, it became a fashion statement among women in the Elizabethan era.
  • Today, it is particularly associated with people located in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

Red Hair Colors and Styles

Natural redheads have an array of haircut styles and ideas to choose a new look. You can wear your natural red hair long or short. You can try some sassy, short haircuts like Molly Ringwald.
You can keep your hair long and straight like Lindsay Lohan. Wavy and curly hair go well with natural red hair.
Razor cut hair and fringes also look great on redheads. Asymmetrical bob is making waves in the fashion world and looks fabulous on red hair. Redheads can always come up with new looks that go well with their color.
There are many hair color ideas to color natural red hair. If you wish to color your natural red hair, you can opt for shades like chocolate-brown. You may even try ash color that will neutralize the red tone. You will end up with an 'ash brown' hair color shade.
You can even go blond. Try coloring your hair black with blond streaks. It will make you look awesome. The non-red heads can opt for natural looking shades or vibrant red-hues.
When choosing a hair dye, keep your skin tone in mind. Subtle red highlights may not be visible on dark hair or skin. The different shades of red you can choose from are ginger, rust, burgundy, auburn, copper, etc. Seek professional help to choose the right red hair shade.

Maintenance Tips

>>You can take care of your natural red hair and enhance its color. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly.
>>You should pour cranberry juice on your hair and work it throughout the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with plain water and style as usual. This will enhance the natural hair color.
>>To add a more vibrant look to it, apply one tablespoon of beet juice to three cups of water. Let it soak well in the hair. Rinse the hair thoroughly and towel dry.

Styling Tips

>>Hair accessories are one way to enhance the look of red hair. Although, most redheads do not need any hair accessories to hold their lustrous manes in place, at times it becomes necessary to include these accessories to complete one's look.
>>When choosing your accessories, think about the color. This depends on the color of your natural hair.
>>For light red hair, one can choose green or clear crystals. If the tone is really deep red, then gold really stands out.
>>You can even think about wrapping a scarf around your head as a headband or ponytail. The idea is to make the accessories stand out against your red hair color.
Red hair never turns gray directly. It turns to a sandy shade and with time it may turn gray. In some people, the color darkens as they age and may turn to a more brownish tone and lose it vibrancy.
Natural red hair is an exotic asset you inherited. Show off your beauty experimenting with different styles. Redheads are thought to be intelligent, fun-loving, energetic and passionate. Have fun painting the town red with your 'red locks'.