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Natural Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Brown eyes have their own drama and effects like other eye colors, and they can be accentuated with the correct natural makeup. Read on to know how you can enhance your look through these natural makeup tips for brown eyes.
Brown eyes have a warm feel to them and look demure and innocent. They have an element of mystery and can be very enticing. They also have different shades, like black, golden, or green hues in the irises.
The main thing about how to choose the right makeup is that the colors should be complementary to your eyes. It should be able to bring out the colors of your eyes and the shades of irises as well. This helps in making your eyes the focal point of your facial features.
To add a shine and sparkle to your eyes, the following tips will prove to be very useful. Many girls and women find their brown eyes dull or boring, and use different colored lenses to enhance their looks.
But, they forget that their warm colored eyes make them look very exotic and tropical, and that they can be made to look even dramatic and expressive through some good makeup.
One of the best makeup tips for brown-colored eyes is choosing the basic earthy hues. Choose browns, bronzes, golds, mocha, taupe, and colors of the spice-family to get a natural look.


Eye shadow helps accentuate the eyes and the right makeup is very important in achieving this look.
The tips for brown eyes show that deep shades of brown and blue work well.
Also, blue, gray, plum, gold, vanilla, purple, violet, and nutmeg are perfect for a natural look. You can even use two or three tones of eyeshadow. Metallic shades, like gold, bronze, pinks, and brown too help your eyes stand out in the most captivating way.
Tip: Shades that are darker than the color of your eyes will help achieve a dramatic look, and eyeshadow shades lighter than the eyes help create a natural look for brown eyes.


Eyeliner helps define your eyes. The makeup for brown eyes involve choosing navy or plum tones of eyeliner. These go well with blue or purple eyeshadow.
Keep eyeliner to a minimum and softly frame your eyes or apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner. This helps create a more natural look.
If you want your eyes to look really attractive, try soft pink eyeliners. Black helps adding shine to brown eyes.
You can even opt for charcoal, plums, and deep browns instead of black. Try using plum shades with light mauve eye shadow or aubergine with a shimmery light pink eye shadow to create a dramatic look.


Mascara helps your eyelashes look longer and well-defined. You can try using colored mascara to highlight your brown eyes.
You can also opt for a dark blue mascara instead of black. Black is the best shade for natural black eyelashes, while brown mascara helps create a natural look.

Coordinate Colors

You can draw attention to your eyes by wearing minimal makeup and choosing neutral shades for cheek and lip color. You can lighten and open your brown eyes with shades of champagne, light pinks, taupe, peach, and brown
To get a smokey look, choose gray eyeshadow and liners. You can even coordinate the colors by wearing an eyeshadow in shades of violet or blue, with a berry or rose-colored blush. You can even try shades of the brown family, with a peach blush.
Tip: Coordinate colors that complement each other, like muted with muted and bright with bright.
If you are a working women and want to have a subtle but natural makeup for the office, then use a matte foundation that will match and blend with your skin tone. You should use a neutral shade as a base for your eye makeup.
Apply a subtle color over the area on the upper eyelids up to your crease line to highlight your eyes. You may choose shades of peach, pink, brown, or caramel. Add a bit of peach flush to your cheeks and some lip gloss or a light lipstick.
A natural look when going out during the nights calls for a more sultry and dramatic look. You should put on a heavier foundation that will blend with your skin tone. Apply a shimmery neutral shade as the base for your eyes that makes it shine.
Take a darker shade, like mocha or dark purple, to highlight the crease line. Blend the shade with the neutral shade and use a black liner for upper and lower eyelids.
Mascara should be applied at least thrice to make the lashes look thick and long. Use apricot or peach for the cheeks and minimal lip color to maintain the focus on your eyes.
Tip: The correct foundation shade that matches your skin tone plays a very important role in natural makeup for dark skin.
These are a few natural makeup tips for brown eyes. Brown eyed girls and women can play with a number of eyeliner and eyeshadow shades to create a natural look. Keep experimenting with the various shades that will suit your eyes. With the tips, use the advantage of the warm feel in your brown eyes, to melt the heart of the beholder.