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Natural Looking Makeup Ideas

Rashida Khilawala
There seems to be no escape from makeup, and cosmetic companies only make things more difficult by releasing, oh, about a million products a day. However, using these products the right way is important, or you will end up looking hideous. The trick here, is to use makeup so you look 'natural'. Confused? Here's how.
One thing that every teenager learns when she starts high school, is 'when it comes to makeup, little is more'. At least, every teenager should be taught that. That is the very reason why we are here, helping you understand the concept of 'less is more'.
Be it the Gothic look, or the Barbie doll look, either ways, one can create the effect without looking terribly made up. Trust us, guys hate women who are always clad with makeup!

Makeup Tips to Look Natural at All Ages

Makeup is a part of any and every urban woman's lifestyle. We cannot even imagine walking outside the front door without makeup. We need it, to accentuate our features. It also gives us that boost in self-esteem.
The best way to adorn yourself in makeup on a regular basis, is to make it seem like you don't have makeup on. Yes, it is deceptive, but we think it is allowed, right? More so, this kind of makeup allows people to notice the true beauty in your features. Other women will definitely appreciate your sense of makeup and style.
Put on a slight foundation that matches your skin tone. Best to stick to natural mineral makeup. Apply eyeliner; it accentuates the eyes and helps people get hypnotized by your gaze. Apply a light shade lipstick if you are going for gloss. Like a pink or a light red.
If you are going for matte shades, you can afford to go with slightly darker colors, depending on your skin tone. Eye-shadow is optional. In the day time, stick to lighter shades, even if it is black, apply very lightly. At night, you can experiment with darker strokes and mixed shades.
These tips are for all women, in general. In fact, they are best suited for regular wear, like at work, school, or college.

Party Makeup

WHAT! You got that right. You can have gorgeous natural makeup on for a party as well. Apply liquid mineral makeup foundation. Use eyeliner on the upper as well as the lower eyelids. Apply mascara to give your lashes a long and shiny look.
Go for slight blush on to give your cheeks some color. Go for glossy lipstick, which goes with your skin tone. If you are fair-skinned, go for pink lip gloss, darker skinned belles can go for light browns and darker pinks.
If you want a natural, yet glamorous look, you can apply eye shadow that matches with the color of your eyes or attire. Like, a natural makeup tip for blue eyes would be to go for blue eye shadow, and black eyeliner. Or if you have black eyes, and you are wearing a red dress, you can go for a light red eye shadow.
In a party, for a natural look, we strongly suggest let your hair down. You can blow dry and spray them to keep them in place all night. However, nothing beats bare open hair to make men go mad!

Punk Makeup Ideas

Ok, so if you are going for the punk look, it will not look that natural. But, even as a punk you can manage to look more natural than others. The secret to success when it comes to punk make up is the eyes!
When you are going for punk makeup, give your eyes all the importance. Use colors and dark eyeliner. Be generous with the mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Also, use dark but matte lipstick shades. Go for a burgundy or a purple. The best thing about the punk look is that you can experiment all you want.
However, before all that, don't forget to apply foundation evenly, to hide your blemishes and give you an even tone. Again, mineral makeup would be a good option.
So, basically, if you are going for the punk look, you can't really look natural. However, if you don't overdo the makeup, you can look very elegant! We hope these techniques have helped you sort your look for better.