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Natural Hairstyles for African-American Women

Pragya T
Wondering, what are the various natural hair styles for African-American women? Here are different natural hairstyle ideas, that will help you wear a new hairstyle everyday...
Wearing a natural hair style is always a good idea. Many women with African-American hair or very curly hair tend to use many hair treatments like hair relaxing, permanent straightening, straightening irons, blow drying, etc., to keep the curly hair straight.
These treatments can be very harmful for your hair, and some of the treatments use harsh chemicals which can rip the hair off the moisture and damage the hair texture. Hence, a safe way to style your hair is to go with natural black hairstyles.

Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are easy to create and there are various ways to style your hair into an updo hairstyle. You can create a braided headband or use a headband, and then comb all the hair back and tie them with a big rubber band into an updo. Updos as wedding hairstyles look great too. For a wedding or a formal party use these ideas.
Get small French plaits in your hair and then combine them to form a big plait, then roll the plait around the nape of the neck and secure it with hair clips and rubber bands. Then use a tiara or dangling earrings to accessorize.

Braid Hairstyles

A natural way to style hair is to opt for natural African-American braid hairstyles as there are many ways to style them. You can go with full cornrows or partial cornrows. They look great and with a good stylist you will be able to achieve a good style of cornrows.
However, cornrow braiding is very painful. Another way to style your hair is into box braids, which unlike cornrows allow free movement of hair. You can also go with twists. Twists are not exactly braids, but they are popular hairstyles.
Another type of braids you can consider is micro braids. But, you need to have a lot of patience when it comes to micro braids, as it can take hours to get them. However, they look great and worth the effort.
If you don't have time for these kinds of braids you can consider creating a three strand simple braid structure, and take out some hair strands from sides to soften your look. You can also try French braid or Dutch braid.

Using Hair Accessories for Styling Hair

Given above were the updo and braided natural hairstyles, however if you don't have much time to style your hair, then you can use some hair accessories to make your hair manageable and look good.
Ponytail style makes great as a medium-length hairstyle for African-American hair. You can simply tie them in a ponytail and take out some bangs. Another way is to comb your hair and make a long ponytail and place it on your shoulder for an elegant look, take out some hair strands to soften your look.
Use a good colorful rubber band while making ponytail hairstyle. Another way to style your using hair accessories is to use headbands. You can just comb your hair back and use a thick pretty headband.

Hair Cut Ideas

Above were the natural African-American hairstyle ideas. However, you can also consider getting a short haircut at a salon. A good short bob style will make your hair look great and easy for you to manage.
So, get a nice bob with some bangs for a great new look. You can also consider getting medium-length layered hairstyles with some bangs and wear them loose for a carefree, relaxed look. Avoid getting your hair straightened permanently, as they use harsh chemicals for such treatments which can be very damaging to your hair.
So, use the above ideas and style your hair into some great natural hair styles. Flaunt your new style and enjoy the compliments!