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Natural Body Wash- What is it?

Fatima Rangwala
A natural body wash 'naturally' gives you the flavor and feeling of suaveness, elegance and callowness. It is a very convenient and impressive way to cleanse your body when you take a bath. With these handful of adjectives let's spill the beans and see what is behind this mind-bending soft liquid.
A natural body wash plainly gives the definition of a soft liquid soap containing some adultery. These adulteries can be moisturizers, perfumes or any sort of special scented or colorful chemical agents that blend with the soap to produce a lovely soapy effect.
Usually these liquid soaps are too pricey to purchase, if you think of using one for an everyday use. In such case, it's best to keep some unusual habits at hand; like learning to make a body wash at home isn't a regular thought, right? Well make it now.

Acne Body Wash

If you have always been suffering from lots of acne on your body or face, here is a solution to it. Use a natural body wash for acne and all your problems will disappear in a snap. The general causes of acne are varied and many.
Although the basic idea of how this acne body wash magic works is yet not determined by dermatologists and medical professionals. But one thing is sure that the essential oils for acne used in the body washes soothes and heals the acne quickly.
Actually the oils are preventing the bacteria to multiply further hence this process instills. After learning all the positive effects, you might want to try one out.; perhaps make one at home. Trust me, experimenting with base essential oils and products is safe and gives no side effects.
You would need a few products and you are good to go inventing your own body acne wash recipe! This way you can save on all the cost as well. Take a look below...

Acne Natural Body Wash

  • ½ cup extra virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 cup liquid Castile Soap
  • ¼ cup Vitamin E oil
  • 1 tsp Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 tsp Lavender Oil
  • ½ cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 cup Liquid Glycerin
  • Bottle


To start with the process, pour a cup of liquid castile soap in the bottle. That soap will act as a base to your acne body wash.
Now add the measured quantity of extra virgin olive oil, vit E oil, 1 tsp of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil into the bottle where the castile soap is present. Once you do all of that, use a microwave to melt 1 cup of coconut oil. Melt it till it liquefies completely.
Add that too to the bottle. Further add 1 cup of liquid glycerin to the entire mixture and place the cap of the bottle to shake it thoroughly. In this manner all the body wash ingredients would get mixed well. Cleanse your face and body and use an acne body wash for acne control and experience the difference!
Similarly, you can make a lot other body products at home which can have scented aromatic perfumes, aromatherapy oils and essences in the mixture. Trial and errors would help you realize which base or material suits your skin in terms of irritation and sensitivity. Likewise, producing a homemade body wash can also save you from expending $3 to $4 on those hyped store skin care products.
Trying out a homemade body wash has another benefit tagged to it. It is a simple way of doing something new in your mundane life. Imagine if you surmount the basic mingle-mangle of the chemical reactions of different skin products, tell me- where do you imagine yourself in the next few days?
Probably you would be seen running your own salon! Or a beauty store! Perhaps your own brand-named company.. There are abundant possibilities to this subject. Well whatever the rest is... don't forget to keep me posted. (wink!)

Homemade Body Wash

All you have to do is gather a soap base or few shampoos (make sure they aren't scented). Also, some essential oils, olive oils, shea butter and or aloe vera. The choice of scented essential oils is applicable here. But ensure that they are authentic body oils else they would cause itching and irritation on the usage.


Take for about 30 drops of your oil to add to the base soap or unscented shampoo. Stir it well. This action will only add color and scent to your existing soap. Generally, essential oils can have a variety of flavors like the (vanilla, rosemary, peppermint, jasmine, etc).
Depending on the mood you want to set, every time you go for a wash, mix those essences with the base soap. For a fresh feel to start off your day with, use a jasmine essential oil in your mixture. If want a relaxing atmosphere before you sleep in the night, you may use vanilla or lavender oil to add to the jazz.
For a moisturizing effect, add aloe vera oil to the mixture. Its soothing mucilaginous juice effectuates the entire content. This is one of the trick behind the story to get smoothness in products. Infusing all these oils and essences just helps you explore more on the make of your body wash and gives you an authenticity to claim your true efforts.
With these easy-to-do natural homemade recipes for a body wash, I hope you bring out the best formula to dab on your face and/or body. You may do a bit of mix 'n' match in these stated recipes and enjoy the residue with a colorful loofah.
One quick tip, gently apply the body wash all over your body, in case of acne on your face, apply it on your face and work a rich lather using a loofah. Thoroughly rinse it off with water and feel the freshness of the everlasting cleanliness of the soap, after your shower.