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Nappy Hairstyles That Bring Out the Beauty of Your Locks

Gagan Dhillon
If you have finally decided to stop tormenting your kinky hair with chemical relaxers, hot irons, etc, then congratulation on finally going nappy. Your hair is a sign of lineage that are to be worn proudly. After all everyone can go straight but not all can go kinky. This article helps with some natural nappy hairstyles ideas.
To carry off black nappy hairstyles, firstly one has to be gifted with the lovely African-American hair. Though they can be difficult to manage but that is a small price to pay for the wonderful ways in which one can style them. It is very easy to experiment with different black hairstyles once you get the hang of it. Here are some easy and elegant hairstyle ideas:

For Men

These short nappy hairstyles for men are ideal for workplaces, and the best part is that they are so easy to manage.
Cornrows: These are the most popular black men's hairstyles. The best part about them is that you can do them in any way, that is, you can braid the hair to look corporate or you can style them in a more fun playful way. When it comes to cornrow styles, the sky is the limit. You can opt for a hoard of designs and looks.
Afro: This classic hairstyle, at the right length can look quite appealing. The puff that is created on the top of the head depends on the hair length. If your lifestyle can handle it, let it be high and mighty. However, for a more subtle environment, a short crop can make afro look quite smart and sophisticated.
Fade Haircuts: Of all the hair designs, the most sexy is the faded haircut. Here the top of the head has thicker hair, depending on your requirement and the rest of the hair is thinned down. This style is famous among so many celebrities, including Shemar Moore and Pharrell Williams.

For Women

Here are some hairstyle ideas for African-American women that are absolutely fabulous.
Twists and Braids: Twists and braids will forever stay on the fashion scenario. These not only make the hair easy to manage but also give the lady sporting them an elegant disposition. Just twist or braid your hair in any style that you want. You can try Senegalese twist braids, these are feminine and look great.
Kinky Updo: This is one of the simplest yet chic natural black hairstyles. All you have to do is make chignon bun and you are done. The best part is that even if you have, say micro-mini braids, then too you can make this bun. Otherwise for natural nappy hair, you can just tie your hair in a tight pony tail and twist them into a lovely bun.
Simple Updo: If you have discovered the trick to manage your hair, then don't shy away from letting them hang loose, that is the way they are. Style them well with some oil and water-base, comb it and let it be. You can use some hair pins, or a nice hair band to secure the top section down and puff the remaining. If your hair is cut short, then this look will be just perfect.
These were just some of the fun African-American hairstyles that you can try out. Remember with a little trick and a skilled hand, nappy hairstyles can look fabulous, so be proud and flaunt your lovely tresses.