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Current Nail Polish Trends

Dhanashree Patane
Have you looked around lately? Fashion fevers are running high. The chic outfits, coupled with hairdos and makeup, and the swanky footwear are creating a stir. Adding to this glitz are the nail polish trends that have arrived with a hot splash. Here are some details on those trends.
Wondering what keeps the fashion spirits eternally high? It's the changes that keep happening in the fashion world. Quite obviously then, not keeping pace with these latest trends must leave the fashionistas gasping for breath. Fashion does not merely include clothing and footwear anymore, it also focuses on different aspects of make up.
Along with hair and make up, manicures and nail art have taken the fashion world by storm as well. Hot shades of some of the best nail polish brands, have become the latest trend, bagging all the attention and paparazzi. Some of these swanky nail shades have sparkled through the best fashion shows as well.
So here's what we thought we should do, we should let you have a piece of this action. And for that, we will be directing the limelight on these current nail polish trends. Go and give those already beautiful hands some head-turning element and then flaunt those sexy numbers complete with the latest striking shades.
Getting to how you can adopt these styles for your own - Let us line up some color and shimmer on the runway for the nail polish trends of this year...and many, many years to come.

Latest Nail Polish Trends

Yes, one would like to start experimenting with nail colors and give their wardrobe a whole new meaning. But how is one to go about making a success of this venture? Following is a list of some of the hottest nail colors that are making news. Introducing the best of them in vogue, these are the trend setters this year.

Sky High Blues

The Blues are definitely the perfect curtain raisers this spring. Aptly loud and bold and yet perfectly able to take on a subtle form if needed.
A cool shade to work with, blues blend best with the natural spring look. Check for some of the best shades that feature in the blue palette. There's everything from the deep blue to the pale and sky blue.

Gorgeous Greens

There's very little that the color green cannot do. And when molded in the form of nail polish, it can really create great wonders. Green can be seductive, edgy, soothing and completely enthralling.
Wearing green takes a lot of panache, cause not everyone can carry it off. Take a look at the different ways in which one can carry off one of the hottest shades of this year. Then go mix and match and watch heads turn.

Purple Passion

All shades of purple bring with them a style statement of their own, have you noticed? From misty purples, to lavenders and shimmery heliotropes, the color purple is here to stay this fashion season.
What's more, all these shades stand out with every skin color. Definitely more than just one reason to get these versatile shades, don't you think?

Gray and Black Nights

These two colors bring with them an undaunted aura of allure and mystery. Shimmery grays and classic blacks give a sexy, smoky and smudgy edge to your nails.
Associated with several fashion statements and styles like grunge and punk, these colors can also be used to create a classic effect for many other styles. Go ahead and sport some metallic and gray shades. A style statement from the future, no less.

Top-coat Finishes

Treading away from the tried and tested path and experimenting with colors and styles is always, always encouraged in the fashion world. The latest trend in this direction is that of blocking colors.
In this, a nail color is used as the base color and then that shade is blocked or cracked with another shade, either at the base of or through the entire area of the nails. Several designs can thus be created like the web, holograph or a zig-zag design. It's a whole lot of fun to form varied designs and experiment with the compatibility of the color shades.

Neutral Griege and Taupe Shades

Griege and taupe shades are neutral shades that come about due to a fusion between brown, gray and beige shades to create some of the best colors.
The thing that works most for these shades is that they are not the usual shades that one goes in for. When used right, they can create some of the most alluring effects. These shades are used to bring about a classic look.

Plush Reds and Oranges

Usually touted as the ultimate shades of beauty, style and feminine charm, the many shades of red and orange are anything but subtle.
Along with giving a whole new edge to the beauty of a woman, the colors red and orange celebrate her inner beauty with great elan and panache. It's not much of a surprise then that the reds and oranges are in vogue this year as well. Choose from the all-out bold shades to the comparatively subtler versions of these colors.

Peaches and Pinks

Pink and peach. No chance that this classic combination can go wrong. It's so feminine that one does not have to put in a whole lot of efforts to make it work, either. Just go with the flow and don a shade from the hundreds within this two-color palette. A sure winner.

Glittery Golds

Gold. You read that right. Gold nail polish shades have become quite the rage this season. The deep, glittery shine and the rich, luxurious shades can get any fashion conscious woman craving for more.
The deal is, gold looks great on any skin color. It really does. One can give it a very high-end look by teaming it with the most stylish outfits, or pull off a very casual look by using it to pep an otherwise simple ensemble of jeans and a T-shirt or a blouse even.

Natural Nudes

No matter what are the ongoing trends in nail paints, one thing that never goes out of fashion are the nude shades.
Almost bare with a hint of color. That is what nude and neutral shades are all about. They are strikingly sober, yet appealing. Paint some nudes on and don't forget to use a good gloss to finish.
Choose any of these shades and add a whole new chapter to your fashion style. Cause frankly, they are all clear winners that have captured glory when it comes to nail trends and fashion. Stack these hot trends for this fashion season and get ready with glamor drenched nails...the show is about to begin!