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Things to Know About Nail Polish Pens

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Nail polish pens are commonly applied on chipped or a flaking polish to cover up the flaws associated with the nail polish.
It is observed that while cutting or shaping nails, sometimes the applied nail polish, chips off. Also, many times the applied nail polish develops cracks and shows a flaky appearance after a few days. Instead of applying the nail polish again, use a nail polish pen. It rectifies the ugly appearance of polished nails caused due to flaking, within no time.
These polish rectifying pens are extremely convenient to use and easy to apply. They look like a colored marker and you can easily carry these cosmetic products in your bag. A nail polish bottle often starts leaking, thereby spoiling the whole purse.
This does not happen with a polish correcting pen as it has a twist-on cap that prevents leakage. These tools also come with a small attached brush that are designed to give amazing touch ups to your nails. One brush stroke of polish and all the cracks and chips developed get covered up.
Though it won't be economical to replace nail polish with a nail polish pen, you can always use it to extend the life of your nail polish. These polish correcting pens are safe and will not cause any damage to your nails.
They are available in different colors, including shades of pink, cream, red, and white. In fact their price is higher than a nail polish bottle. Nevertheless, they provide a convenient way to give an attractive look to your nails.


Some models of polish correcting pens have a nail polish remover that is very useful to eliminate previously applied nail polish. Basically, it is a solvent that is used before applying a fresh coat of nail polish. Other pens have interchangeable tips and colors, which means one nail polish pen is capable enough to provide multiple colors.

Types of Pens

The nail corrector pen, the most popular type, is equipped with a sharp tip, and has the ability to remove dark spots that occur after applying a nail polish. For those having a creative bent of mind, can go for nail art pens. These pens are useful to create beautiful nail arts.
The sharp tip of the pen allows you to draw outstanding creative designs on already polished nails. Thus, using nail art pens, you can enhance nail appearance to a great extent.
Nail art pen colors that are in great demand are Silver Frost, Neon Fuchsia, and Basic White. With these pens, you can decorate your finger nails according to your liking, by creating delicate patterns on the nails.
Besides being used for artwork on the nails, this cosmetic product is ideal for correcting a flaking nail polish. Thus, with these cosmetic products, you can easily solve the problem of chipped nail polish and recreate the look of well-polished nails in a precise manner.