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Nail Polish Designs

Girija Shinde
If you are bugged with the usual shades and patterns of nail polish, then read here. It will provide you with some unique designs for every occasion.
Nail polish interests every girl since childhood. But, little girls are allowed only a few dots of some dark shade, which instead of curbing curiosity, adds to it. Makeup is incomplete without painted nails; after all, it is only women who have the liberty to decorate them.
We often underestimate our creativity when it comes to designs; whenever we want to have some different pattern on our nails, we rush to a parlor. A professional is actually not needed for these designs; in fact, with the help of some simple ones, this can be done even at home.

Unique Ideas


This design can look good on any kind of nails, its beauty will be brought out if you have long ones. With the help of fake nails, anyone can have long ones, in just a couple of minutes. As the name suggests, the idea is to paint with two different shades of nail polish.
To start, take a neutral or light shade like silver, gold, or pink and paint only the underside (the part below the tip is called the underside). For its tip, use a contrast color. For example, if you paint the underside silver, use black-colored one for it.
You can also use a different style of contrast; for example, apply a neutral nail polish on them, and then take a nail polish pen and just draw three lines. But, make sure that the pen is of a dark shade. You can try metallic colors as they always stand out.


As Valentine's day is just around the corner, what can be better than such a design. This is quite simple; just like the contrast one, you need two shades of nail polish for it, out of which, one should be red.
Generally, we either completely avoid the red color or use it for contrast design. But, as Valentine color is red, red-colored pen is a must for this design. As one shade is so dark, the other shade has to be light, a neutral shade.
First, apply the lighter shade on the entire nail and then take red-colored pen and make tiny hearts on it. You do not have to be very artistic for that; just draw two upside-down commas with a circular head. You can even decorate them with various related products like adhesive stones.


Theme-based design is a great idea if you are going to a party. The most popular one is the sea theme. As the name suggests, you need to draw picturesque things like the sea and waves on your nails. It might sound difficult, but it is actually quite easy. All you need to do this is a dark and light blue shade.
You can also draw delicate flowers and petals, just like you draw in your kindergarten class.
One of the favorite designs of many is the beach theme. For this, apply one strip of baby pink shade and one of white. Decorate it with cream-colored adhesive stones.


Ttry some funky designs at home, mix 2-3 dots of different shades with water. Mix them with a toothpick, and apply the mixture on them in forms of a swirl, just up and down strokes.
If you are thinking about how to draw these designs, you do not need to worry as there are numerous products like nail polish pens, which make the task of drawing them quite easy. So, add some of your creativity in the aforementioned ideas and get ready to flaunt an entirely new one.