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Nail Polish Colors

Mukta Gaikwad
With a palette of nail colors, it's difficult to decide which one's the best. Here are a few tips for choosing the best shade out of the lot.
Well shaped nails enhance the beauty of your hand. They emphasize the femininity of your hands and make them look expressive. Nail colors, add an interesting look to your fingers and sometimes add the missing character too.
A bright red nail polish worn with bright clothing, takes away years from you, making you look younger than you actually are.
Nail colors also hide the flaws in your nails. For instance, nail ridges can be easily cloaked with two coats of nail polish. If you are planning to wear a nail paint to make your hands look classy and chic, then you need to be a little choosy about your nail colors. Here are a few tips for matching the nail colors with your skin tone.

For Fair Skin

Fair skinned women, have a spectrum of colors to pick from. Red, blue, violet, pink, maroon, browns and with a myriad of other shades, the confusion only gets bigger. Fair skinned women, look the best in lighter shades which come closer to their skin color. Colors with pink undertones or shades of red, more like berry red shades, look great on fair hands.

For Sun Kissed Skin

For those sun kissed skin tones, there is a huge range of colors for you. Wear whatever you want, and you'd look equally graceful. Make any nail art design on your nails, and your skin will complement it. Earthy colors, will make your hands look sensuous and beautiful.
Bright red, shades of pink and hues of blue, will also look quite funky! Colors were meant for you, so just wear favorite color, each day!

For Dark Skin

Dark skin tones, look good with dark nail colors. Deep shades of any nail color look great on dark skinned women. Deep maroons, reds, chocolate browns, and golden (if you are heading out for a party) will make your hands look well-groomed. Avoid wearing bright colors or light colors, since they will make your hands look pale and older, than they are.

Selecting Colors of Nail Polish

With so many different nail colors, it's difficult to pick the one that would suit you. Here are a few tips for selecting the best colors.
  • Find a nail color that will go with your lip color or lipstick. If you look good with chocolate brown lipstick, chances are that the same shade, will look good on your nails too.
  • Another way of determining the nail color is by matching it with your wardrobe. Thus, while choosing the nail colors, take an inventory of the dominant colors in your wardrobe.
  • Seasons and the ongoing trends are also determining factors for wearing nail paints. While summers, demand a light shade, winter calls for warmer hues.
If you can carry off any attire and any color with equal panache, then you'd be comfortable wearing any nail color. The most important thing about nail colors is the way they complement your skin tones. Nail colors work in the same manner of enhancing your cosmetics, as clothes do.
If you are totally new to the world of nail polishes, schedule an appointment in a nail spa, and get a manicure done. A simple way of selecting a nail color is to hold the bottle close to your skin. And if you still don't get it right, remember, it's always fun experimenting with colors!