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Moisturizer for Rosacea

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Rosacea is not acne! So, stop using your acne moisturizer for it, and switch to one that is particularly formulated for rosacea skin.
Rosacea is a chronic condition in which the skin on cheeks, nose, and forehead becomes red. In certain severe cases, acne like pustules may appear on the face. This is the reason why it is often mistaken with acne. It is estimated that about 16 million Americans suffer from this disorder, and most of them are absolutely unaware of it.
The rest resort to acne products, which do little to cure it. There is no known cure for it, however certain skin care products may help you to control this skin disease and inhibit its progression to a more severe form. A moisturizer is one such product that helps to keep its symptoms in check.

How to Choose the Right Moisturizer

There are several causes for rosacea, sun damage being one of its most common and a leading causes. Hence, it is imperative that your moisturizer has a good amount of sun protection factor. Moisturizers with SPF 30 or above are considered good for this skin condition. They help to improve the barrier function of the skin.
One of the most important problems with rosacea skin is that, it is unable to tolerate prolonged application of topical products. This includes moisturizers as well. However, a certain ingredient named 0.1% kinetin helps to reduce the symptoms caused due to prolonged application of products.
This 0.1% kinetin is essentially a plant growth hormone, which is effective in restoring the barrier function of rosacea skin. It also helps the skin to tolerate the products in a better way.
Thus, moisturizers with 0.1% kinetin are better tolerated than others. Hence, do not forget to check the ingredient's label for 0.1% kinetin while buying one. Niacinamide is yet another ingredient you should look out for, while choosing one. This is a vitamin B3 derivative, which aims at improving skin's barrier function. Its regular use reduces the symptoms of rosacea.
Special oil-free moisturizers are formulated for targeting certain severe symptoms of rosacea. They are very light and almost oil free. They keep the skin hydrated for a very long time. Some of them also contain special UVA and UVB filters, which provide additional sun protection. They are also equipped with certain healing properties that enable the rosacea patients to use them on a daily basis.
Rosacea skin tends to get irritated very easily. Hence, the recommended moisturizer should have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties. Some additives or scents in it may also irritate the skin.
A natural moisturizer has least potential to induce allergies or irritations. One made with green tea gently soothes and heals the irritated skin. It is rich in antioxidants, which repair the cell damage. Natural ingredients like aloe vera also have tremendous healing properties. These natural substances restore the function of skin by repairing the damage to underlying tissues.
If you have severe symptoms of rosacea including flushed face or pus filled pimples, then a moisturizer with antibacterial properties may help.
A moisturizer for rosacea should be applied on a clean face, at least twice a day. If you really look forward to control the symptoms, then prescription medications may work best for you.