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Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Stephen Rampur
While the Mohawk hairstyle is usually seen on men, there are a few Mohawk hairstyles for women as well. Here we are going to look at a few Mohawk hairstyles for black women...
These days, women have begun experimenting more with a variety of hairstyles that they previously would not consider wearing. This could stem from the fact that they need something different to get them that attention, or that they just want to stand out from the crowd.
Whatever the reason, there are more women trying out different styles every day. One of these styles is the Mohawk.

The Traditional Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk was traditionally worn by men, and it consisted of leaving a narrow strip of hair in the center of the head, running from forehead to nape, and shaving the hair on the sides.
This narrow strip of hair was kept long and was spiked upwards and/or colored, depending on the type of hairstyle opted for. Besides this traditional look, there were variations of the Mohawk worn by men as well, like the Liberty Spike and the Deathhawk. The Mohawk is mostly considered a goth or punk hairstyle.
Today, women are taking to the Mohawk hairstyle as well, and there are different variations that they try with this hairstyle.
Although there are different kinds of modifications made to the traditional Mohawk haircut, the fundamental concept, of shaving the hair at the sides, mostly remains constant. The hair in the center is styled in the upward direction, much like a spike cut but in a line.

Mohawk Hairstyles on African-American Women

African-American women can go in for either short or long Mohawk hairstyles. Short Mohawks are not considered that attention-grabbing, whereas long Mohawks can easily be spotted to be unique from other stylish haircuts.
Since these Mohawk hairstyles for girls make their place in the punk hairstyles category, you are left with the freedom to use a variety of hair color ideas. Some styles even incorporate a mix or blend of two to three different hair colors, either vertically or horizontally.
Usually African-American women do not opt for the traditional Mohawk hairstyle. This can be due to the fact that they are loath to shave off the hair from the sides.
In some variations, the hair to the side can be braided into cornrows or micro braids, and the hair in the center kept longer in the Mohawk style. In other styles, the hair to the sides is trimmed shorter than the hair in the center, giving an appearance of a Mohawk cut. As mentioned before, colors are then used to accentuate the style.
If you do not want to get the side hair trimmed, then the best choice is braided Mohawk hairstyles for women. These consists of a Mohawk made by the top hair, while the side hair is set into braids that extend to the Mohawks.
In order to make a braided Mohawk hairstyle, take the hair on the top which is to be styled into a Mohawk and tie it into two ponytails. This will ensure that particular hair is not blended in the cornrows. Now, take the side hair and style it into individual cornrows or micro-braids. The ends of the braids should blend with the hair that is to be spiked up.
After doing so with all the side hair, you need to spike up the top hair. There should not be any volume of hair left on the sides, with all the hair made into cornrows.
Another option of a Mohawk without cutting the hair is to set all the side hair to the point which will serve as the border of the Mohawk. However, you will have to use some hair accessories to set the hair in their appropriate place. Similarly, there is a variety of haircut styles and ideas that can be used in Mohawk hairstyles for Afro-American women.
When you opt for a Mohawk hairstyle, either traditional or modern, or even the varieties of Mohawks, you have to keep in mind that this is a hairstyle that will require a lot of maintenance. It takes time and effort to keep your hair in a Mohawk, and this is something that stops most people from opting for Mohawks.
For the traditional Mohawk, maintenance comes in the form of ensuring that the side is shaved from time to time and the clean look is maintained. Other styles will require maintenance as well, from the even coloring of the hair, to the spiking of the hair in the center.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, and are bored with the normal hairstyles, then a Mohawk can be for you. However, remember that a Mohawk, whatever variety you choose, is still a radical hairstyle, and might not be okay with everyone.
For example, walking in to work with a bright pink Mohawk might be frowned upon in most places. But if you are on holiday, and want to experiment with your hair, then the Mohawk hairstyles for black women mentioned in this article should definitely be tried out.