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Attractive Mohawk Hairstyles

Stephen Rampur
When it comes to mohawk hairstyles for men and women, the length of the hair matters a lot for getting the appropriate look. Read this story to know more about mohawk hairstyles, and decide if you want to get one.
There are several different ways in which you can style your hair; be it short, medium, or long. In addition to the haircut styles and ideas, hair color also plays a very important role for adding to the uniqueness and attractiveness of these fashionable hairdos. If you see the latest fashion trends, you will find out that most people prefer to wear short hairstyles or medium hairstyles. One of the best and most fashionable hairstyles sported today are mohawks.
A mohawk is a stylish haircut wherein the hair on the sides of the head is cut, leaving a band of hair at the middle of the crown, extending from the front to the nape. A prominent characteristic of this style is that the hair on the sides is necessarily cut. Mohawk haircuts are worn by famous celebrities and sports personalities around the world.

Wearing Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawks for girls and boys are considered a punkier option compared to emo hairstyles. Nowadays, wearing short and medium mohawk is common. Long mohawk haircuts can be seen on individuals who want to attract substantial attention and look unique. Like in punk hairstyles, you do have a wide range of options of using hair color ideas. You can color all your hair, just the tips, or simply a few strands. To maintain this style on the crown, you will be required to use a good amount of hairstyling gel and hairspray.

Modifications to Mohawk Hairstyles

There are many modifications that can be done on a traditional mohawk hairstyle. The most preferred alternative to it is a faux hawk haircut. The only difference between a mohawk and a faux hawk is that, in the former, the hair on the sides is cut; whereas in the latter, the hair is styled in the upward manner, without trimming the hair. If you want to have a mohawk kind of look without cutting the side hair, a faux hawk is the best option.
Some people, especially rock stars, prefer to wear a sharp variation of the mohawk. They shave all the long hair at the sides and leave a line of hair at the center, which is then styled upwards. The width of the mohawk hairline is generally not too much, with all long hair standing in a straight line on the crown.
The well-known mullet haircut can also be turned into a mohawk or a faux hawk. You can add any color possible to your uplifted hair; with the most popular being red, green, purple, and other vibrant shades. You can make a frohawk which is largely worn by the African-American community. In this hairdo, the hair is set up using pins and other hair accessories.
Mohawk hairstyles are considered to be one of the easiest and most stylist hairdos of all time. There are other varieties as well; such as the dreadhawk, rayhawk, bi and trihawk, curlhawk, braided mohawk, and many others.