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Modern Bob Hairstyles

Pragya T
For this summer short haircuts are a great ideas. Bobs are classic short hairstyles. There are many modern bob hairstyles like choppy and sleek bob's to choose from.
Modern trends of bob show edgy cool styles. Before, the bob hairstyle used to be round looking hairstyle from the back. Now, this style has become outdated and an inverted bob trend has started. There are so many variations of the inverted bob. Inverted bob can be cut and styled in many ways and look very edgy when done right.
Next to the inverted bob the trend of sleek looking bob like blunt bob and bowl bob is also popular. So, it depends upon what look you want to try? Do you wish to try the sleek hairdo look or some choppy cut look?

Stylish Bob Hairstyles for Women

Sleek Bobs

A sleek bob can be cut in many ways. You can simply cut it blunt and keep the length of the hair same all over or go for an inverted bob. Blunt bob gives a more formal look, but when accompanied with right style can look absolutely fab. So, if you have thick and lustrous hair then try this look. Get a blunt bob till your ears.
Accompany this bob with Cleopatra style bangs. To complete the Cleopatra look, consider dyeing your hair into shiny raven black.
You can also try inverted bob sleek hairdos. So, how is basically an inverted bob done? For an inverted bob the hair at the back are cut real short. While, the hair on the sides are cut longer. Now, the hair on the sides can be kept symmetrical or asymmetrical.
If you keep it symmetrical, which is more of the trend then you will have a balanced look. Keeping it asymmetrical will make your style more edgy. For more edgy look consider going with choppy layered bob.

Choppy Layered Bobs

Choppy layered bob are subtle looking layers which are done using point cutting. The stylist will hold a small hair section between the forefinger and thumb, then tilt the scissor and make a sharp cut. This way various hair sections will be cut. The finished result will be uneven choppy looking layered hair.
This can look very cool, depending upon the style. Choppy layers are good if you have thin hair. As they can add volume immediately to your bob hairstyle.
However, if you want a sleek look in your choppy bob, then consider getting a razor cut done. In a razor cut, the bulk of the hair is removed. This gives the hair a cool soft wispy ends look. If you have wavy or curly hair, then razor cutting is the best for you. Because, in razor cutting the stylist will separate out the curly locks and work on them individually. This will make your style look even better. Curly hair bob styles look good as inverted bob.
Now, comes the question of bangs. Almost all bobs will be seen paired with some kind of bangs. Bangs complete hairstyles. Also, with a bob they look extremely cute. There are many types of bangs like side bangs, side sweeping bangs, side blunt bangs, Cleopatra style bangs, choppy bangs, graduated bangs, asymmetrical bangs, etc.
You can try different types of bangs with different types of bob hairstyles. However, there are certain bangs which look good with a particular type of bob so choose wisely. Seek a stylists' advice to find the best bangs for you.
Go to an expert and get a modern bob hairstyle of your choice done. If you want to add more to your bob, then consider getting few skinny hair streaks in it. This will add texture and style to your hair.