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Uses of Mineral Oil for the Skin

Mineral oil benefits skin in various ways. It is one of the most common ingredients in cosmetics. Read on to know more about benefits and dangers of this oil.
Rutuja Jathar
Mineral oil is also known as liquid petroleum, which suggests that it is related to petroleum in some form. In fact, petroleum is distilled in order to get this product. It is colorless, and mainly contains cyclic paraffin and alkane.
Cyclic paraffin is often used in the production of petroleum jelly, which is an essential skin care product. Mineral oil doesn't cost much, and it is also produced on larger basis for its chemical as well as several other uses.
The uses of mineral oil for the skin are not that new to us, as makeup removal products contain it as the prime base. It is used for cleaning remnants of makeup and provides skin with essential moisture.
It has some strong qualities that help to remove layers of makeup, dirt, and grease from the face in absolutely no time. As a result, it is a popular substance in the world of cosmetics and beauty care.

Mineral Oil for Skin Care

Also called white oil, mineral oil is an inevitable part of various anti-aging skin care products. It is also a main ingredient in different skin oils, lotions, creams, and makeup bases.
The main reason for such a vast usage of it is its quality to act as a barrier between the skin and its surrounding. As a result, the skin gets protection from the external factors, including dust, pollutants, harmful sunrays, and other things that may cause damage to the skin.
As a matter of fact, mineral oil is the basic thing that we see in all the baby oils. It won't be wrong to say that baby oils are made of mineral oils only. It is also used as a main ingredient in various diaper rash creams, hemorrhoid medication, and eye care products too.
Apart from all this, it is used as a laxative internally and is also used in many antacids as well. There are many other uses of it apart from skin care.

Side Effects

We all are aware about the uses and benefits of mineral oil. But, there is a lot of controversy involved when it comes to its use in skin care products and its side effects.
Firstly, many researchers are of the opinion that it is harmful, it is derived from crude oil. According to them, there are always chances of it being harmful if used for longer periods of time, even externally, as it clogs the skin pores and suffocates them. Because of this, the skin is not able to breathe, which increases oil secretion and acne formation.
Another interesting thing that many researchers argue is about the interference of mineral oil in the working mechanism of various vitamins, like vitamin D. According to them, it bars the absorption of vitamins, which are very essential for a healthy body and skin.
As they create a layer on the skin surface, they actually prevent the vitamins from entering the skin, which can be harmful in the long run. According to the cosmetic safety database, mineral oil is carcinogenic, but this database is not conclusively proven.
Whatever may the researchers and their reports suggest, the fact is that mineral oil is not much helpful for oily and acne-prone skin. For people with dry skin, it is better to find some other skin care products that are gel based. As we can see already, the reputation of mineral oil as a skin care product is not that good.
Hence, instead of debating whether mineral oil is bad for the skin, it is better to use other safer products that are thoroughly researched and evaluated by the experts.