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Mineral Makeup for Dry Skin

Arjun Kulkarni
An experiment that started in the 1970s, mineral makeup is now 'the thing' in the makeup market. This natural form of makeup has many applications, and can be used for all skin types. However, in this story we'll focus on its benefits for dry skin type.
We have always known that makeup is bad for our skin, as it can damage the skin in the long run. But what could we do? Not look our best today, and save ourselves for later? Well, there is still a better solution, in the form of natural mineral makeup. It is made from all-organic substances that beautify you, but don't harm your skin. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it?
Well, that is why, mineral makeup is taking the world of beauty products by storm, and slowly replacing inorganic makeup as the first and last word for 'looking good'. The other thing about it is that it looks natural.

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So, if you've stepped out of your home wearing copious amounts of this makeup, no one will be able to tell a thing! It's also great news for those with sensitive skin, as it won't cause inflammation, reddening, and spotting. And, you'll continue to look good because it has no harmful ingredients! It even works as a natural sunscreen.

When Regular Make Up Fails Dry Skin

Dry skin needs special attention, meaning, it needs to be kept hydrated all the time. Hence, you need to use a lot of moisturizers on your skin. Mineral-based moisturizers contain plant extracts from avocado and jojoba oil that naturally keep the skin hydrated.
One of the best things about the mineral makeup is that, it is available in liquid form as well. Thus, you are saved from the torture of rubbing the makeup over your dry skin.
It also covers your skin effectively, hiding all the wrinkles, that normal makeup starts exposing after some time.
It is not at all greasy and does not make your face look or feel sticky. The other thing is that, since dry skin lacks essential oils to protect itself from bacteria, organic mineral makeup is an effective barrier, as it cleans out the pores, and destroys harmful bacteria.
It also protects you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, and acts as a natural sunscreen. Elements such as titanium dioxide used in this natural makeup help skin look naturally radiant and glowing.
The best quality of this kind of makeup is that, even if you end up sleeping without removing it, you won't suffer from a backlash. Why? Because, it is organic, and doesn't clog pores. It even prevents bacteria from entering the pores.
Although there has been no substantial proof that mineral makeup is better than traditional chemical makeup, we can trust the way the market is headed, and how the crowds are frenzied about it. And, if that's not enough, just remember, it's natural.