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Milk of Magnesia for Acne

Mukta Gaikwad
Milk of magnesia is the cheapest and safest product for dealing with acne problems. Find out what makes the chemical composition so special and effective.
Milk of magnesia is a laxative used for medical applications. It is alkaline in nature. The chemical composition has a magnesium content and is denoted by Mg(OH)2. The white colored substance was discovered by Charles Henry Phillips in 1880 and hence was sold as Phillips' Milk of Magnesia.
This laxative is usually prescribed for constipation. The oral medicine, manufactured by Bayer Corporation has an over the counter status. However, milk of magnesia for acne is also known to be highly effective.
Acne is a tiny skin eruption, usually on the face. The condition is caused due to changes in pilosebaceous units in the body. Around 85% percent of teenagers are affected by this condition. Acne problem is also commonly found among male adolescents.
An acne does spoil the look and is often a cause of embarrassment too. The face is usually affected by acne, but there may be skin eruptions on the shoulders, arms, back and the neck.

Milk of Magnesia

Apart from being a laxative, milk of magnesia can be used for treating acne too. Though, milk of magnesia comes in the form of tablets, capsules and in a syrup form, it is meant for topical application only. This helps by controlling the oil level on the skin, which is many times the reason for acne. The product works for curing cystic and nodular growths too.
Milk of magnesia has an alkaline base. Thus, it nullifies the acid level in the skin, which is causes acne. It absorbs the excess of oil and protects the skin from acne growth. Even in the case where the acne bursts and becomes septic, this cream can be used as a disinfecting agent.

How and When to Use?

Cream of magnesia is only meant for external application. It can be used as a cleaner and toner. For topical application, take some of this cream on a cotton ball and gently apply it on the affected area. A regular application of the same will reduce the oiliness of the skin, thus reducing the probability of acne infection.
This cream can be used as a toner, as well. Apply after your shower and rinse it off after some time. As a cleanser, apply on the affected area, like any other cleaner and wipe it with a wet cloth or wash it off.

Side Effects

The oil content on the skin will reduce. When we speak of the side effects of milk of magnesia, you may experience some dryness and tightness of the skin but there's no worry, stop the application for a while and it will return to normal.
Milk of magnesia may treat acne, but it is not a permanent cure. To bring about a permanent change, watch what you eat. Diet has a major role to play in acne formation on the skin. Acne is also associated with behavioral patterns, such as hyperactivity. A total cure for acne is yet to be found, hence preventing them is the only cure for now!