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Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
One of the best options for treating sagging skin is microcurrent facial sculpting. Read on for its detailed procedure and the advantages.
Microcurrent face lift is a relatively new beauty treatment that is slowly gaining popularity among beauty-conscious people. A creamy and clear complexion along with taut and supple skin is really a dream.
With today's lifestyle, where eating junk food on the go and dismissing the thought of joining a gym as absurd has become the norm, it shouldn't surprise one to see that barely anyone has soft and perfect skin.
At times, despite religiously following all the rules of skin care with regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, people still may not have skin worth showing off. This is where beauty treatments come into the picture.
Among the dime a dozen treatments that have their own sect of religious followers, one that stands out is microcurrent facial sculpting. Given here are details regarding what this procedure entails, and what are its various benefits.

This facelift procedure is one of the many new skin tightening method that helps get rid of slight open pores and makes the facial skin taut.

In this process, there is a machine that passes a current of negligible voltage, and the superficial skin is subjected to this current.
» This makes the skin undergo a sort of mini workout.

» This workout triggers a host of benefits, which leads to a complete rejuvenation of skin.
» As the electrodes are applied, the procedure gives rise to production of protein molecules in skin cells.

» Apparently, it has been researched that the application of electric current leads to healing of the tissues and bones.
It is not a painful process at all, and is over within an hour or so.
Many people claim that results are seen almost instantly and tend to last for a month or so. Although results may vary from person to person, it is said that by increasing the number of sessions and their frequency, one can get better results.

♣ This therapy helps improve the tone of the facial muscles and also improves their blood circulation, thus, aiding in quick removal of toxins.

♣ Due to the significant improvement in muscle tone, the skin looks tighter and more supple.
♣ It also leads to skin exfoliation, which removes the superficial dead cells and reveals newer and healthier cells.

♣ It improves lymphatic drainage.

♣ It helps prevent the face from looking swollen due to edema.

♣ It aids in lightening out scars and pigmentation marks that may be present.
♣ It helps tighten pores and lighten blemishes and slight scars.

♣ Repeated sessions help to not completely eliminate, but substantially reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially those that are present on the forehead and around the lips.
This procedure may not necessarily give the same results as those seen with patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. However, it is still a worthwhile and a much cheaper option for those people who have only mildly sagging skin, some open pores, or slight pigmentation.
One major factor that works is the fact that this is a non-invasive procedure, so it does not lead to artificial or unnatural appearance of the face, which is commonly seen in case of cosmetic surgeries.
Microcurrent facial sculpting may not give you age-defying instant youthful looks that you've always dreamed of, but it is worth a try. And if you see that it suits your skin and face, you'll realize that it was the best thing to happen to you!