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A Guide to Make Flawless Micro Braids

Read on to know about how to get micro braids at home.
Mamta Mule
Micro braids is one of the low maintenance hairstyles, gives you a perfect makeover. You can leave them free or tied up in a bow, or add colorful beads.

How to Get Micro Braids Done

Before you get micro braid hairstyles, it is essential to have your hair in a good condition. Make sure that you perform deep conditioning treatment several times before getting these braids. Start conditioning twice a week at least a month in advance.
A day before you get the micro braids, shampoo and condition your hair. Get a haircut now, if you want to. You can simply level the hair in a straight line after trimming the split ends. It is essential that your hair be completely moisturized to get the best results.


Step 1

You need to work section by section. Remember that the sections will be very small and not as wide as you make while straightening, curling, or doing other hairstyles.

Step 2

Remember, though you can get this hairstyle without stepping into a salon, you need help of a friend to work on your hair and have perfect micro braids.

Step 3

Take a few big and medium-sized claw clips and a thin-toothed comb. Take a very thin section of your hair, starting from the nape. Now divide it. Pin up the rest of the hair aside with claw clips.

Step 4

Divide the thin section into three equal parts. Start making a simple braid of with these sections.

Step 5

Cross the left part over the middle one, hold this as it is. Now the left part is the middle part. Proceed by crossing the right part on the middle one, so that the right part is now the middle part. Now repeat by crossing the left part on the middle and continue doing the same until you reach the ends of your hair.

Step 6

If you think that the braid might open from the ends, you can secure it with hair beads.

Step 7

Take the next section of the same size and follow Step 4 to Step 6. Go on working in horizontal sections and proceed towards the crown.

Step 8

Remember to have your hair parted as desired before you get the braids on the front part of your mane. You can choose to do all the braids backward too. This will help you part the hairstyle as desired or even skip the parting.

How to Take Care of Micro Braids

Take a cleansing shampoo from the best brand to wash your braids regularly. A clarifying shampoo will ensure that your hair and scalp is thoroughly cleaned. Do not rub the shampoo, just spread it softly on your scalp and hair. A good quality conditioner is a must. Rinse hair well, do not rub while rinsing.
Best to rinse your hair under a high pressure shower to remove all the residue. Do not use heat styling. Finish with a hair moisturizer and reapply it regularly. Also get a scalp massage once a week from a professional. Follow the shampoo and conditioner regime once a week.
To spice up your looks even further you can opt for curly micro braid hairstyles. This involves the use of rollers to curl your hair in a desired way to get various looks. You can have curls all over your hair or just for the ends. Remember that micro braids are not recommended for those with damaged or brittle hair.
Moreover, those who want to get this hairstyle must be ready to get unusual results after removing the braids which you would usually do after 2-3 months or more. Braids might leave your hair damaged and thinned. This means that you need to follow a strict hair care regime not only while you wear this hairstyle but also after you remove the braids.