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Micro Braid Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
If you are funny and adventurous, then Freaky to some, funky to the others, micro braid hairstyle always tend to draw a lot of attention. The variety and styles available in braids are enormous. From cornrows to micro braids, there is a marked difference in the styling of each one.
Bouncy curls or sophisticated layers? Long hairstyles or short crops? Hmm, if only life came with fewer choices, so that one could make the right choice easily. Finding the perfect hairstyle is never a cakewalk. 
In fact, it can be a very tedious task, especially if you don't find the right hairstylist. Hair salons have many options for young minds looking to experiment with their crowning glory. While some opt for funky hairdos, there are others who prefer to play safe, and opt for the elegant updos.
Girls are spoiled for choice with the kind of creative hairstyles that are becoming a rage. African-American hairstyles have a certain uniqueness which appeal to many. Certain parents may hold back their teens from opting for such a hairdo.
However, there are many others who do not shy away from trying this very attractive hairstyle. Hair braids have always been around and mostly seen on African-Americans. So what's the big deal about braids? If you really go in-depth, you would be surprised by the results.

What are Micro Braids?

Micro braids refer to tiny hair braids that call for hours for styling. These hair braids require an expert hairstylist as they involve a complex process. Like any other Afro-American hair braids, these can be worn for a long period of time.
To have a micro braid hairstyle, would require at least medium length hair. This gives more scope to the hairstylist. Micro braids are very delicate and people with delicate hair should avoid opting for this hairstyle.

Styles to Try

Micro braids are a chic hairstyle in themselves that can completely change your look. What further adds to the popularity of these is that micro braids offer the possibility to style them in many different ways. Here are some styles for you to choose from.
The basic and easiest micro braid hairstyle would be to simply take all the strands and tie them up together like a ponytail. A sleek ponytail that consists of many micro braids is quite a fashion statement.
The ponytail is a favorite amongst women who do not find the time to style their hair every morning, and prefer the easy yet trendy styles.
Another fuss-free style is to make a bun with the braids. This style is appropriate for the working woman.
There really is no reason to put away the curler and other styling products once you have got micro braids done. You can style your braids and give them a curly, straight, wavy, or even a wet look, depending upon your mood.
For a more fun look, you can simply let the braids fall loose. If length is the issue, you can opt for hair extensions.
To add more oomph to your hairstyle, you can use beads and other embellished accessories to style the braids. Want to look stylish everyday? Change the colors of the beads to match your outfit!
You can also go a step further and experiment with the braids to create a more complex pattern. They can be woven into each other to make one thick braid. This style looks very funky.
Styling the braids does not stop at a casual look; elegant hairstyles can be created for special occasions. Rollers can be used to curl the braids and create stylish updos.
Many hairstylists have portfolios that can give you an idea about the kind of design you require or may like. Make sure you do a check on these so that you know which style suits you the best. However, many advise to keep these braids on the simpler side. This is so that you avoid causing more tension to the hair strands.

Hair Care Tips

Before you get your hair braided, ensure that you do not have a dry scalp, and that your hair is clean and dry. You can even moisturize your hair overnight with a hot oil treatment. This treatment is known to really nourish the hair.
Micro braids need lots of hair care and maintenance. Firstly, wash them with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Rinse carefully to avoid any kind of residue being left behind in the strands.
As far as possible, avoid using styling products that use heat. This makes the hair brittle and causes breakage easily. If you are not in a hurry, let your braids dry naturally instead of using a dryer.

You can even oil the hair after braiding. For this, use a light hair oil of any reputed brand.
If you have used hair extensions, be careful while washing the hair, and also make sure your natural hair is well covered while styling.

Do not try to take out the braids at home in order to save time and money. Get it done from a trusted expert at the salon.