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Classic Messy Updos

Pragya T
Wondering how to style your hair into great-looking messy updos? Read on...
The key to creating messy updo hairstyles is to first style the hair messy. There are many ways to give your hair the messy-unkempt look. If you have naturally wavy hair, then there is not much to do.
However, if you have straight hair, then you will need to work harder to achieve the messy curly hairstyles look. To make straight hair look messy, there are many ways. The easiest is use a sea salt spray in your hair, then make four equal sections in your hair.
Make four braids out of this section of your hair. Wait till the hair is dry, then unbraid your hair and you will have great beach waves in your hair, which you can use to create messy updos. Other ways to style straight hair messy include using rollers, curling iron, perming, etc.
You can apply cream on your hair and then fix rollers in them. Keep the rollers for the night and next day when you unroll the hair you will have great wavy locks. You can also use curling iron to make your hair wavy or curly. But, make sure you use enough hair serum and cream on your hair, before you use the iron.
The cream and serum will prevent any burning of the hair during ironing. To perm your hair you will need a stylist, but perming will make your hair permanent curly, and hence it is advisable that you stick to the other methods to make your hair wavy.
Another way to keep your hair straight and still make them look messy is to cut them into choppy layers; which can make great updos without opting for curly updos. To cut your hair choppy, hold a hair strand at a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor and make the cut. This way work on all your hair strands but at different lengths.

Updos for Short Hair

Even if you have short hair, you can create various attractive messy updo hairstyles.
One quick updo idea is to comb your hair back, then tie them back with a rubber band. Take out some strands from sides to soften your look. You can also leave some side bangs out if you want.
Another way to create a messy updo without styling straight hair to wavy is to side part your front hair, then middle part your back hair. Form pigtails on both sides, roll them up and fix them into two buns. Some hair will come out of the pigtails, that will give a cool casual look. Leave some side bangs open.

Updos for Long Hair

With long or medium hair you can try out different updo ideas.
You can also create great-looking half updos with long or medium hair. First comb your hair, then take half of your hair and secure a bun with this hair. Leave the rest of the hair open and take out few strands from sides.
Another way to create romantic-looking updos for wedding hairstyles is to part your hair in middle, then French plait hair on both sides, fix them in a low bun at the back. You can also wear these updos for prom.
After you are done styling your hair into the updos, use a hair spray so that your hair stays in place for longer. Make sure you use different pins and other hair accessories to make your updos look even more beautiful.