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How to Do a Messy Bun

Puja Lalwani
The messy bun is a savior for all hair types, all hair styles, and all bad hair days. Read on to know how to do a messy bun.
Messy bun is the most perfect hairstyle that suits any occasion. Whether you're in high school, or going for prom, are out for a dinner date, or are headed off to a grand event, it's a one-stop solution for you.
Messy bun is easy to make (because it's messy and doesn't have to be perfect). Also, it is the solution to your hairstyle woes for different occasions and the best way to tackle a bad hair day. Trendy, chic yet classy and sophisticated; you just can't go wrong with this simple hairdo. Presented here is a guide on how to do a messy bun for long, curly hair.

Instructions for Long Hair

This hairstyle works best for those who have hair that is shoulder length or longer. Those with shorter hair may be able to create a messy bun using a hair rat. Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to make a messy bun.
» Start with regular shampoo and conditioning routine. Towel dry your hair.
» Apply some hair straightening gel from the root to the tip of your hair. Run your fingers through, so that the gel is evenly distributed.
» Straighten out your hair with a blow dryer with medium heat, taking 4 inch hair sections, holding the dryer 3-4 inches away from your hair.
»  If you have bangs, separate it from the rest of your hair. Comb your hair backwards. Smooth it with your hands and apply a non-aerosol hair spray on the crown. Again, brush your hair and smooth it.
»  Bend down so that all your hair is flipped forward. Use a paddle brush and collect all your hair, tying it into a high ponytail if you want a high messy bun, or at the nape of your neck if you want a low bun.
»  For a low messy bun, you need not tie a ponytail. Just do it in the regular manner. Use an elastic that matches your hair color. Smooth out all the bumps formed on the crown with your hand or using the brush. However, don't make the pony tail tight. Leave a little poof at the crown to give the hair more volume and achieve the perfect messy bun.
»  Stay in the same position and fan out your hair in all directions, so that it is like a fountain.

»  Hold the center of the fountain, and start swirling your hair ends around the center, in a clockwise direction.

»  Keep doing this, till all your hair is tucked in and around the bun. Remember that the bun should be tied loosely.
»  Secure the bun with pins. Tease the roll slightly for a voluminous look.

»  Now, run your fingers through the hair on the crown to loosen them slightly to add a texture to the overall look.

»  Wear a thin, black headband 3 inches away from your hair line. Wear a second one 2 inches away from the first one. Use a dark hair band for light hair and vice versa.
»  Lastly, if you've always wanted to hold your hair in a bun with a hair stick, now is the time to pierce one through your bun for the final effect.

»  Your bangs can be styled either in a wavy manner or straight, depending on your choice.

Instructions for Curly Hair

Dealing with long curly hair can be difficult at times. A good way to style it is the messy bun. It's quick and saves the trouble of straightening, so it is easily manageable. Also, it puts your curly hair to an advantage, as these updos look 'messier' when styled with curly hair. Remember that your locks should be completely dry when you try this hairstyle.
»  Lightly brush your hair. Don't do it vigorously as the natural curls will then become frizzy and look bad.
»  Tie it up into a ponytail using an elastic, either high or low, depending on your choice.
»  Bend down and create the hair fountain. Twist it loosely around the elastic.

»  Secure it with pins and use a hair spray to hold it in place.

»  Loosen some curls from your crown to frame your face.
»  Finally, accessorize with some cool hair accessories. Try some cute butterfly clips or any other interestingly shaped colorful clips around the circumference of your bun.

Sport a messy bun wherever and whenever you want, because you just can't go wrong with this hairstyle!