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Messy Bun for Long Hair

Tulika Nair
One of the best solutions for a bad hair day is a messy bun. If you know what it is like to walk around with your hair looking like it has a life of its own, then may be it is time for you to try out this updo.
You snooze the alarm to catch a few more minutes of precious sleep. When you get up you realize that few minutes has transcended into an hour of sleep and that you are running late for your long-standing brunch date with friends. And worst of all, you are having a bad hair day, thanks to sleeping all wrong.
With absolutely no time to shampoo, do you feel like you are going to look like a complete disaster for your day out? Well, not necessarily. If you have long hair, then the best option that you can make use of is to knot your hair up into one of the many options of updos for long hair. Here we'll give you a step-by-step breakdown on how to do a messy bun.

Tie Your Hair into a Not-so-neat Bun

Buns for hair have been mostly associated with older women. A classic style that spells elegance and old world glamor. If you are on the lookout for one that exudes a sense of casual chic, then a messy bun is perfect for you.
Adding a messy look to a bun brings out a more playful and younger side in the person sporting it. A bun is perfect for women with straight or wavy hair but even if you have curly hair, you can use a straightening serum to comb out your hair and knot the bun to create one.
If you want to make a messy bun, then you will need a hair brush, hair care products like serum or mousse, bobby pins, hair bands to tie your hair with and a hairspray. Given here are the steps you need to follow.
• If you want to tie your hair into a bun, then the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your hair is free of knots. In order to do so, brush your hair properly to untangle it.
• If your hair is too frizzy or dry, then it will be difficult to knot a bun. Therefore, apply the serum or mousse, whichever you prefer, to smoothen out your hair and reduce the frizz.
• The next step is to pull back your hair into a pony tail. Now tie it at a comfortable height, depending on whether you want a low bun or a high bun. Tie the pony tail with an elastic band and comb out the hair again.
• Now take your hair and wrap it around the pony tail's base in such a manner that it resembles a donut. Immediately secure this coiled up hair to your head with another elastic band.
• There will definitely be a few stray strands that will need to be tucked into the bun. To do so use the bobby pins but do not tuck the strands in very tightly as then the point of a messy bun will be lost.
• Finally, from the sides of your head, pull out a few strands of hair. Be careful to not disrupt the bun and do this with a light touch. Use a hairspray to set the hairstyle so that it does not get very messed up.
Making a messy bun is very easy and also a quick process, making it perfect for those days when you are short on time and rushing to reach somewhere. You can also use hairbands, but very thin ones to accentuate the look of the hairstyle.
So, the next time you have a bad hair day, just make a messy bun and get ready for those admiring glances that are sure to come your way.