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Medium-Length Hairstyles for Prom

Puja Lalwani
Here is a list of some great medium-length hairstyles for prom, to clear the misconception for those of you who think you can't do much with your medium-length hair for the upcoming prom.
Along with the choice of dress, shoes, and all the accessories, one more concern that all high school girls must have is that for an appropriate hairstyle, to pull off the attire and be in the limelight at the big do of the year.
After all, your hair is your crowning glory, and you just can't allow it to let you down. You must have the whole package, which is why you need to keep up with all the latest hair styles and ideas that are shining on the red carpet and are ruling the fashion world.
Some of these hairstyles will require a professional to make them, so that they last through the evening, but it is totally worth the effort and time spent on them.

Soft Curls

One of the simplest hairstyle is one where the hair is simply curled.
For a more stylish look, go for bouffant curls. This will add volume to your face and the overall appeal of your outfit, especially if it is strapless.

Side-Swept Curls

For a slightly more trendy look, go for the side-swept curls. A deep side part, in the direction opposite to the curls will make this hairstyle complete.

Medium-Length Bob

A medium-length bob is an excellent option for those who have a slightly round face.
You may add some bangs to this hairstyle for a more trendy and modern look. This hairstyle doesn't require much maintenance, so you may actually have a great time at the prom without worrying about your hair.

Curled Bob

A curled bob is simply a variation of the medium-length bob, where only the ends are slightly curled up. For an interesting twist, pin up your bangs backwards but slightly to the side, and you have a unique and trendy hairstyle for prom.

Half Up - Half Down

A half up, half down hairstyle is currently ruling the scene when it comes to medium-length hairstyles.
A messy bun at the crown with the rest of the hair left loose and curled softly, looks stunning and enticing at the same time. The number of hair accessories you can use to enhance this hairstyle is unimaginable. From flowers to beads, the choice is completely yours, depending on your outfit.

Messy Bun

Whoever said updo hairstyles are extremely formal was mistaken. One of the best hair updos is the messy bun.
A messy bun provides the right amount of formal yet casual look when worn as one of the various prom updo hairstyles. Again, accessorizing is not a task here, and the number of ideas you can use to enhance the bun are vast. For a variation of this hairstyle, try a messy bun on any one particular side.

French Braid

The number of French braid hairstyles you can experiment with are endless, thereby, being able to sport a traditional yet trendy look at the same time. Ensure you leave some bangs loose, to soften this hairstyle a little. Curl them slightly for a softer look.
On a parting note, just keep in mind that no matter what hairstyle you choose to wear, wear it with style and confidence, and it just won't look wrong.