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Medium Length Hair Styles

Debopriya Bose
Medium length hair is one of the most versatile hair types as one can use numerous styles that would suit any face cut. Read on to know about the various styles that are available, a few tips to make the haircut more appealing, and guidelines on hair care.
Medium length hairstyles are those in which the hair reaches anywhere between the jaw and the shoulder. Those with such styles are the lucky ones as this type has a host of options for styling. One can simply let them fall down in layers or curls or tie them up into a bun or a ponytail.
While longer hair may be difficult to take care of, short haircuts do not suit every face shape. In this, the facial features are greatly enhanced, however, with medium length, the tresses can be done differently to suit one's facial features.

Hair Style Variations

The Angled Bob

This is one of the cutest options which is suitable for those with a round face as it gives a thinner and longer look to the face. This suits all hair types and requires trimming once in every 2 months.

The Romantic Bob

This bob hairstyle is for those with wavy, medium to fine hair. The length falls midway up to the neck. This cut requires trimming once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Medium Shag

This is a layered cut for those with shoulder length hair. The layers can be adjusted to suit the shape of the face. The ends need to be tapered and left uneven. This suits all types of hair other than curly ones.

Wavy Shag

This is also a layered hairstyle that gives one a messy look. The layers need to be kept long. For this, hair of different types are textured in a different way with the help of a razor.


Medium length hair can be made to look fuller by curling them. A few bangs could also be added to give them an attractive look.

Sleek Cut

This cut gives one a classic look. In this, the tresses fall down against the face and over the shoulders. The fringe on the forehead enhances the facial features beautifully. This gives the face a very feminine appeal and can be worn by women of any face cut.

The Blunt Cut

In the blunt cut, the hair is cut into choppy layers that fall on to the shoulders. This is one of the styles that gives the face an attractive look, this makes the hair easy to handle.

The Flip-up

This is for those who want to give their tresses a flirtatious look. This suits faces of almost every shape. This has the haircut into straight and smooth lines along the face whereas at the back the hair flips up in various angles.
One needs to use a gel or smoothing lotion for flip-up hairstyle. The hair can be parted along the center or on any of the sides. More grace can be added by using blonde highlights. It is easy to style this in fine hair.

Styling Tips


Layering works very well for medium length hair.
It adds life to a bland cut, softens the look of a square face and makes heart shaped faces look fuller. Layering is a better option for those with curly or wavy hair. Do not straighten your hair as they tend to fall back into their natural flow after some time.


The deciding factor of the hair color used is one's skin tone. One can experiment with a number of different ideas like highlights, lowlights, crowning, and teasing twilights.

Other Options

Bangs look great in medium length styles. They could be softly draped to the side and held in place using a gel or mousse. For an elegant and neat look those bangs can be swept back and held in place using accessories like decorated comb hairband.
For a romantic and enticing look, style up your hair in sophisticated French braids.

Hair Care

It's true that medium hair is easy to manage and one can get a style that would compliment one's face. However, there is nothing like naturally healthy hair, even when left loose in the most modest look. For proper care, oil and shampoo your hair regularly. Use a conditioner for the soft, silky look.
Hair should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Avoid changing your hairstyle too often as perming, ironing, and blow drying frequently can cause damage. Although there is a large variety of products available, it is important to choose the one that suits one's hair type. Also read the instructions for each product and follow them strictly.
From ringlets, curls, to bangs there are a number of ways to style up your medium length hair, or else you could choose any one of the various hairstyles that would give your face a lively and beautiful look.