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Medium-layered Hairstyles

Janani Rajagopal
Medium hairstyles are the best of both worlds, short and long hairstyles. They are easy to maintain like short hairstyles, but look sexy like long hairstyles.
Medium length hair is an ideal length for all ages, and suits all kinds of faces. It provides the double advantage of versatility as well as requires low maintenance.
While sporting a short haircut or hairstyle is very convenient, it, oftentimes, takes away the femininity, and tends to appear tomboyish. Medium-length hair is easy to maintain, but still, feminine, flirtatious, and layered styles take advantage of all the best features of the hair length.

Advantages of Medium-layered Styles

A layered medium-length hairstyle can accentuate and highlight your best facial features. The hairstyle looks great framing the woman's face, and bringing out the eyes and lips.
You can look smart yet formal, and trendy yet chic, all at the same time. Layered cuts are ideal for not only fine hair, but thick and curly hair.

Hairstyle and Face Shape

>> You could choose those medium hairstyles that complement the shape of your face, especially if you have an oval or a heart-shaped face, as they have the right balance of height and width.
>> People with square-shaped faces should best avoid straight medium hairstyles. However, lifting the facial features with texture and framing, creates beautiful looks.
>> People having round faces should wear their hair in such a way that it slims down their face. Hair below the chin line should be worn with a face-lengthening center parting to provide length to the face.
>> People with a wide chin or narrow foreheads can wear their hair wide and full at the top and temples, brushed away from the face.
>> People with a wide face and an angular jaw can sport short layers that emphasize their cheekbones while softening the sharp and angular jaw line.

Razor Cut Styles

The razor-edged cut is one of the most popular medium hairstyles, and is the most sought after style since the flipped out look allows variation in the styling, and is funky, regardless of how you wear it.
Creative bob styles can be very flattering for any occasion while creating and maintaining unique different looks for the modern trendy women who would like to have it all!

Maintaining the Hairstyle

Layered hairstyles can be difficult to maintain as the layers start growing, the style tends to look tacky. Medium-length hairstyles are generally good for as long as eight weeks without a trim, but the greater number of layers you use, the more frequently you may want to get a quick trim to keep the style looking great.
Using conditioner regularly can help keep the different layers manageable, and also help prevent split ends. When styling medium layers, use a small amount of volumizing product to separate layers and add more distinction to the style, and a small amount of spray may be necessary to keep each layer in its place.
Take care not to style your hair too heavily, however, very stiff layers are obvious and less attractive than the natural flip and flow of hair.
Medium styles can easily be revved up with a variety of accessories, or for a more permanent detail, you could add highlights or colored tips to accentuate different layers or for a different look. Soft curls and bangs soften a severe hairstyle.
The right hairstyle goes a long way in complementing your looks. Look like a million bucks and you will have to get used to huge compliments everyday.