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Medium Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are cool and easy to maintain hairstyles. Here are some hairstyle ideas that you can choose from...
Pragya T
Bob is a classic hairstyle, which is popular among women of all ages. It makes little girls look cute, while women can sport a stylish inverted bob. Over the years the style of bob hairstyle has undergone through many changes. Today's bob styles are sleeker looking hairstyles with a little choppy layers. However, the basics of bob style remain the same.
This is a short hairstyle, which can be as short till the ears or as long as till the shoulders. Bob can be done in many ways and one can mix and match hair cutting techniques or hairstyles to create a cool new look of bob hairstyle.

Advice on Getting Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

If you don't like very short short modern hairstyles then consider getting a medium bob. Now, the length of the bob can be till your chin or a little below. Getting a medium bob is a better idea, as this hairstyle will allow you to style your hair. While a short bob can't be styled.
A medium bob you can style into a bump hairstyle or wavy. You can with the help of hair clips create a tight updo.
This concludes how versatile medium bob hair hairstyles are, however, let us look at such hairstyles.
One can notice the trends of skinny clothes and sleek hairstyles. Go with the sleek look for a modern hairstyle. If sleek hairstyles are not suitable for your face shape then go with choppy hairstyles. The stylist will use a point cutting hair technique to cut various hair strands in different lengths. This will give your hair a choppy edgy look.
The base of the haircut can be an inverted bob or can be a blunt bob.
In a blunt bob the hair will be cut in the same length all over. With this style many types of bangs look good.
You can get a sleek blunt bob and then pair it with Cleopatra style blunt bangs. You can also get some side bangs if you like.
An inverted bob is the opposite of the traditional bob. In an inverted/graduated bob the hair at the back will be cut real short, while the hair on the sides will be cut longer.
Cut the sides asymmetrical to make the bob look more stylish.They give a new look.
If you are going for a symmetrical inverted bob then cut the side hair ends a bit choppy. Accompany it with long side sleek bangs.
If you want you can try a stacked inverted bob too. This is like a normal inverted bob, except that near the crown there are layers given so that there is a stacked effect near the crown. You can accompany this style with some choppy cut side bangs.
If you want a sleek look with your bob or want a bob for thick hair then consider getting a razor cut after your haircut is done. This will remove the bulk of the hair and gives soft wispy hair ends.
Sometimes wearing the same old bob can get boring and you will have to wait till hair grows long enough for another cut. So, till then if you get bored, try making side French braids. Braids are very in, this season. You can also try styling the hair curly using a sea salt spray.So, go ahead and get a cool fresh looking medium bob and enjoy the compliments!