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Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

Medha Godbole
There are quite a few options when it comes to mascara for eyes that are sensitive to chemicals. Almost all the well-known brands have products specially meant for sensitive eyes. Read this to get a better idea about it.
They say that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Beautiful and expressive eyes are definitely an asset for an individual. You can make your eyes look beautiful, or enhance their beauty by using a moderate amount of eye makeup. One of the essentials of eye makeup is mascara.
It is a great way to enhance eyes by working on your eyelashes, as long and curly eyelashes are always a winner wherever you go. Most of the women have no problems with applying it, but some have sensitive eyes, which makes the application a bit difficult. But this is no more an issue these days with a wide range of brands available in the markets.

Choosing a Mascara

Those who have sensitive eyes have to be careful while choosing a mascara. Nowadays, the products are advertised for purpose of lengthening, adding volume and so on. Sometimes it can also be a combination of two features.
When you select a product, you have to be clear about what you want it to do. Individuals with sensitive eyes, though, do not have a lot of choice. Let's take a look at one such option.

Natural-looking Mascara

Such mascaras are a counter to the ones which impart a bold look to the lashes. The result of applying them is thicker, longer lashes which look soft and natural. While getting this product, look for the ones that have lengthening qualities and add volume, but it should not get clumpy.
For a good mascara, you can prefer brands like Clinique and Neutrogena, as they have comparatively less chemicals in their product. Neutrogena stands out as it is hypoallergenic and safe even for those who wear contact lenses.
There are different colors of mascara available in the market, but studies have shown that black mascara is best for people who have sensitive eyes. According to dermatologists, black has the least allergy risk among all the colors.

Things to Look For

Well, there are several reasons why you should be a little picky about selecting a product if you have sensitive eyes. The following points are to be noted while buying a product for your eyes
  • The foremost thing that you should check is that the product should enhance the look of your eyes, without causing irritation and trouble.
  • The next important thing is that these should be accredited by eye experts and dermatologists.
  • Finally, there are some substances which ensure that it does not exacerbate an eye problem. It also happens that sometimes, while you buy the product, the expiry date has passed, so the date has to be particularly checked.

Some Tips

The following are a few tips and precautions that you need to follow to make your eyes look good without any hassles.
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara every day. It is better to use it occasionally.
  • Get rid of cosmetic products which have passed their expiry date.¬†Although your eyes may not be sensitive, using such products can irritate them and make them sensitive.
  • Washing makeup brushes and sponges is advisable because they can harbor dirt, aggravating the sensitivity problem of your eyes.
  • While applying on the bottom eyelashes, hold the liner vertically, moving it back and forth, to get that exact and controlled application. Then let the lashes dry and comb through, to remove flakes using a powder brush.
It is better not to compromise on the quality and rather go for a renowned and credible brand, which is most preferred by the users. After all, they are your eyes, the most sensitive organ of the body. So take care!