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Mascara for Redheads

Tulika Nair
Are you a redhead who is finding it difficult to select the right eye makeup? Here, we will tell you how to find the perfect mascara and how to choose the best shade for your use.
"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural."
It is impossible to disagree with Calvin Klein after all no one wants to go out looking like they were dipped into a cauldron of makeup items. Au naturel is somehow the best choice to make when deciding on makeup.
While this can be easy for women with black or brown hair, choosing natural makeup is a difficult task for redheads, especially when it comes to choosing mascara. After all no one wants to end up looking like a raccoon but with one that is black in color that is generally the resultant image for redheads.
While choosing eye makeup, especially mascara the point should be to choose one that enhances your lashes so that your eyes look framed. At the same time it should not look like you are wearing false eyelashes. Somehow without applying mascara, eyes tend to look very dull, which is why it is important to know which is the best option for your use.
It can be very difficult finding mascara for blonds and women with red hair, as traditionally available colors tend to look very unnatural on them because of their pale skin. It is not only important to choose the right color but also a texture that is perfect for you. You can choose from waterproof, glossy, lengthening, and even thickening options.

How to Choose

While choosing mascara, one of the important tips to remember is to always use softer colors when going out in the day and brighter, bolder colors for the evening. While it is tempting to opt for a dramatic shade and go all out with your eye makeup, it's always better to resist this temptation.
Always keep in mind that the more natural your makeup appears, the more beautiful you will look. If you are applying an eyeliner along with it, then keep both the shades soft so that they do not overshadow each other.
This will be especially important if you are a redhead whose hair color is on the lighter side. If you have scourged the market and have been unable to find an option in auburn shades, then try to opt for soft browns and grays. If you want a shade that is black in appearance then opt for a charcoal gray which will suit you much better.
There are many cosmetic companies out there that have unveiled a range of makeup products especially for redheads. They have a range of colors that is perfect for women with pale skin and red hair. Most of the products that these companies have on offer have the same features that other options have like water resistance, volume inducing, smudge-proof, etc.
There are also brands in the market that have a two-tone approach which allows you to apply a base coat of a color that matches your hair color and then advises an application of a top coat in a color that contrasts which enhances the eyes. This is the best option for a night out when you want a more dramatic look.
Another great option when you are trying to choose mascara is to choose a color depending on your eye color. What color women with red hair should apply completely depends on what their eye color is. If the eye color is a blue-green shade, then opt for a dark brown, copper-toned mascara to highlight your eyes.
For a redhead with brown eyes, opt for charcoal gray one or on a night out, a forest green color. Green eyes look even more enticing with a reddish brown mascara applied to enhance them.
Even a deep plum-colored mascara will look great. It may be a bit of a task to choose the perfect option but keep these tips in mind and you should be able to choose makeup that makes your eyes look like they befit a goddess.