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Making Straight Hair Wavy

Sheetal Mandora
For women who possess naturally-straight hair, there's some good news; you can temporarily transform your straight hair, and make it wavy. Read the story to find 2 different ways to try this.

Get Wavy Hair ...

with a Curling Iron

Although there are a couple of techniques, let's focus on a simple, at-home method. Applying the right products and the following steps, you too can succeed in transforming your straight hair into beautiful waves.
Step #1: First of all, wash your hair properly with the regular shampoo that you used every time. Make sure you don't apply shampoo specially made for curly hair. The purpose of curly hair shampoo is for people with curly hair, not any other kind of hair texture.
Step #2: Spray some hair serum on so that it can protect your hair while you're styling it. The serum will care for your hair against the heat from the blow dryer and curling iron.
Step #3: Use a blow dryer to dry your hair. But don't dry them completely, stop till you reach about 85%. To dry the rest of your hair, flip them upside down and with the help of your fingers, dry them.
Step #4: Now make 3―4 sections in your hair to separate them. The section which is closer to the neck, loosen them and place the rest of the sections away. Take a round brush to dry that section. The brush will make a slight curl to your hair. Follow the same procedure with the other sections.
Step #5: Again make small sections to work with the iron. Keep the rest of the hair pinned with a clip. You will start making sections near the neck and work your way to the front. Follow the instructions that came with the iron. Generally, you will hold every section of hair for about 15―20 seconds on the iron.
Step #6: Now it all depends on how small or big you want to wavy hair to be. According to that, get the iron to transform your straight hair wavy. If you don't want to curl your hair completely, just get a large iron that will get the job done. You will hold each sections of hair on the iron for your preferred end result. Once all the sections are taken care of, slightly fluff your hair so that all the curls set in place and don't look closely fitted.
Step #7: If you don't wish to use the iron, you can apply some curl defining gel to get the desired waves. Just wash your hair regularly and scrunch your hair upward with the gel applied in hair. You will find the necessary directions on how to use the gel on the bottle itself. Air dry your hair and see how easily you got the waves.

without a Curling Iron

Using curling irons and blow dryers on a regular basis can damage hair. But that shouldn't stop you from transforming your straight hair into wavy curls. You can achieve this style without the iron as well, and here's how you do it.
Step #1: First of all, wash your hair properly with the regular shampoo and use conditioner. Dry your hair with the towel to soak up any extra water. Take a bottle of mousse and take a quarter-size amount in your palm.
Step #2: Rub both hands together and apply the mousse to cover the entire area. You can use a comb as well to ensure that each and every strand is coated properly. Now make sections with different clips while your hair still has moisture left.
Step #3: The sections should be made with half or one inch strands of hair. Braid them neatly till the end and secure it with some elastic bands. Don't use scrunchies and I will explain you why not.
Step #4: Take a blow dryer, keep it at least 3―4 inches away from the braids, and dry your hair. The heat from the dryer will keep your waves intact. If you don't wish to use the blow dryer, you can let your hair air dry. Keep the braids as they are overnight.
Step #5: The next day when you wake up, gently undo your braids. Comb your hair with your fingers, and apply some hair spray to keep the waves in place.