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Makeup Tricks for Women to Conceal a Double Chin

Snehal Motkar
Although older people are more prone to getting a double chin, the fact is that genetics or even being overweight for that matter may cause a double chin at a young age. However, using cosmetics can at least conceal it if you are not able to get rid of it.

A Useful Tip

While applying eye liner using a pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles. Doing so will prevent you from pulling the eyelid while lining it, which can cause wrinkles.
Each one of us aspires for that glowing and taut skin always. However, the fact is that age and weight gain (sometimes) do not allow us to fulfill this aspiration, and we no longer look as we used to when we were in our teens. This becomes pretty evident from those intensifying wrinkles and dark circles.
And if this is not enough, we are gifted with a double chin that is, most of the time, the result of those extra pounds that came in with the pastries we had a couple of weeks ago. Age and fat deposition are equally responsible for women to have a double chin.
There are several neck and chin exercises to fix a double chin, but along with those exercises, you need some tricks to hide it on a temporary basis. Therefore, the following makeup tips have come to you as a savior.
They are the simple yet crucial makeup techniques that will magically disguise your double chin until your exercise program starts showing its effect.

Apply the Correct Shade of Foundation

Whether to opt for a light or dark shade of foundation is a major concern for women with a double chin. Well, when it comes to hiding a double chin, it is wiser to pick the foundation that is one shade darker to your skin tone.
The correct foundation shade will conceal the double chin flab and at the same time, highlight your lower chin area. Also, it is important to clean and moisturize the double chin area before applying the foundation to ensure proper double chin makeup.

Enhance the Eyes and Cheekbones

If you are able to accentuate your attractive eyes and cheeks and draw more attention towards them, then know that your problem of double chin will be solved easily. There are various things you can use to highlight your eyes, which include the liner, mascara, eyeshadow, and artificial eyelashes.
While choosing an eyeliner, ensure that it is a gently sharpened liner pencil, which is safe to use on the underside of the upper eyelid. Line the waterline rim of the upper eyelashes, followed by creating a line on top of the outermost half of the eyelid only. Create a subtle wingtip on the upper eyelid, which will help to enhance the eyes.
Never apply a thick layer of liner on the top eyelid as it makes your eyes look even smaller; try to blend the liner directly into the eyelashes. Further, to make the eyes look bigger and open, you can opt for tracing the lower eyelid with a white liner on the waterline rim.
The next important tool is the mascara. Make it a point to apply the mascara to the upper eyelashes only, which will enhance the effect of an open eye. There are two types of mascara that will help you to highlight the lashes: (i) Lengthening formula; and (ii) Thickening formula.
Begin by gently applying the lengthening mascara to the roots of the eyelashes while giving strokes in the upward direction. Then, apply multiple coats of the thickening mascara until all the lashes are covered from the root to tip in an even manner.
Applying an eyeshadow is one of the best makeup tricks to give a dramatic and attention-grabbing appearance to your eyes. The key to making your eyes a prominent facial feature is by applying an opposite color of your eyes to the eyelids. Applying such a color will bring out the natural color of your eyes and make them stand out.
For instance, if you have green eyes, you can choose any shade that has a reddish tinge in it. Red undertones, like reddish brown, wine, or deep plum will go well for green or hazel eyes. On the other hand, brown is a neutral color of the eyes, so any color would look good on brown eyes.
Finally, the eyelashes play an important role in highlighting your eyes and make them stand out. You can use an eyelash curler to make them appear long and curved. However, ensure that the curler has a soft and spongy pad to prevent any damage to the eyelashes. If you can't use a curler, try false eyelashes, which look great and enhance your eyes even more.
Cheekbones serve to be one the most important features in covering up a double chin. To highlight your cheekbones, you will need a bronzer, a blush powder, and a highlighter. Choose a bronzer that is a shade darker than your skin tone. Contour the hollow section of the cheeks with the bronzer, and blend it with the overall makeup.
Apply the bronzer in an upward diagonal direction, and you are done with the first step. Next, comes the highlighter, which will enhance the prominent lines of your cheekbones. It will reflect light on your cheekbones while emphasizing them; remember to merge the highlighter properly with the overall makeup or it will pop up and look patchy.
Further, take the blush powder to begin the most important step of the process. Top the apples of your cheekbones with a rose or peach shade blush while applying it diagonally from the cheekbones towards your hairline. Concentrate on the entire upper section of the cheekbones and make the features more visible.

Highlight the Jawline

To draw attention away from your double chin, enhance your jawline. For that, you will need a bronzer and powder that is one shade darker than your skin tone; the same shade of the foundation will be appropriate.
While a rose tone bronzer suits the fair skin tone, a brown tone bronzer works wonders for a darker skin complexion. The bronzer may be used as an alternative for the foundation (mentioned at the very beginning), and it may give a more natural look.

Focus on the Lips

The simpler the better is the trick that will work here. It is important to be extremely careful while emphasizing the lips because they are in the proximity of your double chin area.
If you try to overdo it with the lips, it will automatically draw attention towards the double chin. Thus, do not experiment much with your lips, and try to pick a neutral lipstick shade; even a lighter shade of lip gloss can do the trick.

Show Off the Neckline

This is not a makeup trick, yet a very important factor that plays a major role in hiding your double chin. Women, who have a double chin, try to hide it with hair, by wearing chokers, or tight collar necklaces. But ladies, understand that you are going in the wrong direction.
The most important thing required to conceal a double chin is to enhance and show off your neckline. If you tend to keep your hair short, do not cut them at the chin level as it will draw more attention to your chin. Instead, keep them shorter and at the level of your cheeks because it will emphasize your cheekbones even more.
With the above makeup tips to hide a double chin, it must be clear to you that when you are trying to conceal a double chin, the best trick is to highlight your other attractive facial features, thus diverting the attention from the chin towards them. Also, continue with the chin and neck exercises to get a natural and better solution for a double chin.