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Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Makeup tips for hazel eyes can help the women with hazel or green eyes to accentuate their beautiful eyes. Here are some of the helpful makeup ideas for hazel eyes.
Aarti R
Hazel color is a combination of green, gold and brown. Hazel eyes are one of the most beautiful eyes and to enhance the beauty of these eyes, proper makeup is essential. Highlighting and enhancing the green colored eyes with the right types of eyeshadow and mascara is necessary to bring out their beauty.
Women with green eyes are said to be very lucky, as shade of the eyeshadow can suit their flecked hues.
Women with hazel eyes can try out all the available colors of the eyeshadow. Here are some of the makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a combination of green, brown, gold and even blue color sometimes. Accordingly, the shade of the eyeshadow varies.
The widest spectrum of colors of eyeshadow are suitable for the hazel eyes, which is not the case with the other eye colors. In case of hazel eyes, the basic color for eyeshadow must be brown. The base of brown color and other colors mixed in it makes a wonderful combination for hazel eyes.
More neutral shades must be used, as they enhance the beauty of hazel eyes. Golden and shades of smoky brown make the hazel eyes attractive. Many people consider pink as a shade of brown and pink eyeshadow for hazel eyes makes a cool combination.
The only shade you must avoid for hazel eyes is blue and shades of blue. Even green can go with hazel eyes, but blue is a color which must be used with utmost care with hazel eyes. However, this is dependent on the skin tones also. You can apply the blue colored eyeshadow according to your skin tone.
Also, gray and shades of gray must be strictly avoided by the women with hazel eyes.Always remember to apply a primer base to the eyes before applying the eyeshadow. This helps to hold the eye makeup for a longer duration.
When you apply the eyeshadow, take the darker shade and apply it to the inner side of the eyelid. As you come to the outer side of the eyelid, the shade must become more and more lighter. For the area around the bow bone, a lighter shade of the eyeshadow must be used. Take care that the two shades must blend well with each other.

Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

Eyeliner is applied both under the eye and on the upper eyelid. Many women apply the eyeliner on the upper eyelid only. Purple shade of the eyeliner looks great with green eyes.
If your eyes are more brownish in color, go for a black eyeliner. For adding a retro look, you can apply a white eyeliner for green eyes. The brightness increases with the application of white eyeliner. If you are using a liquid eyeliner, use a smudge proof eyeliner, so that, it lasts for a long time. These were some of the eyeliner makeup tips.
Remember to curl up your eyelashes with a good mascara. Finishing touches should be given with a good smudge proof mascara. Mascara must be worn after you apply eyeshadow. One thumb rule while applying lipstick after a good eye makeup is that, dark shades of lipstick must be avoided.
You can apply light pink colored lip gloss to enhance the looks and avoid making the makeup too dramatic. These were some of the good makeup tips for hazel eyes. Use the right color and the right make up and make those hazel eyes look gorgeous.