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Makeup Tips for Eyes

Debopriya Bose
From eye shadow and eyeliners to glitter and shimmers, there is a host of beauty products for the eyes. Here are some useful makeup tips for eyes that will help you give a stunning look...
The eyes are the windows to the soul. It is said that true happiness reflects in one's eyes. Beautiful eyes are appreciated in every culture. No wonder every woman wants to put in all the effort required to highlight her eyes. Here are some useful makeup tips for eyes to give you the complete look for any occasion.

Beauty Products for the Eyes

There are a wide variety of beauty products for the eyes that can give them a stunning look. The most commonly used eye cosmetics are eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Besides these, utterly gorgeous eye makeup includes false eye lashes, eye shimmer and glitter. One must start eye makeup with first applying a base over the eyelids.
Then apply the eye shadow. Follow it with an eyeliner and finish off using mascara. While using eye cosmetics one should choose shades that would best suit skin tone and color of the eyes.
One of the useful makeup tips for blue eyes is to emphasize them using shades of gray, rose, mauve, pink and purple. For hazel eyes use royal purple, violet, rose and forest green.

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Shadow

  • Eye shadows are meant to highlight and define the eyes. They add depth to the eyes. Dark eye shadows make the eyes look smaller whereas a light shade makes them appear larger.
  • Using an eye base before applying the eye shadow will keep the eye shadow in place. Without the base you may find the eye shadow forming a greasy line along the crease.
  • Too much of eye shadow should not be used for small eyes. Use a light color eye shadow over the eyelid and a darker shade in the crease. Apply a dark color eye shadow under the brow.
  • Women with large eyes should wear dark eye shadow that should be extended up to the crease.
  • To make wide set eyes look closer, darker shades should be applied along the inner corners of the eyes.
  • For deep set eyes use light color eye shadow on the eyelid and under the brow. Apply a medium color on the crease and emphasize the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Women with light skin tone should avoid dark eye shadows.
  • One should be careful while using shimmers as these tend to highlight flaws in the makeup.


  • Eyeliners are supposed to highlight the eyes and not draw undue attention to it. Hence be careful about how much eyeliner you want to use. Apply a thin line if you are going out on an informal occasion. For a dramatic look wear a thicker line.
  • To apply the eye liner properly, pull the corner of the eyes outward and start form the inner corners working outwards.
  • To start with the eyeliner, draw a thin line just below the lashes beginning from the middle of the lower eyelid moving outwards. Smudge it a little using a Q-tip or your finger as a slightly smudged look is better than a prominent line.
  • To line the upper eyelid begin from the inner corner, thickening the line as you go towards the outer corner.
  • To achieve a sizzling, smoky eyed look, smudge the eyeliner on both the lash lines using a cotton swab or an eye liner brush. Then you can also apply a bit of eye shadow using a sponge tip shadow applicator or an eye shadow brush.


  • Mascara comes in different shades. Select the shade according to the color of the eyes and the eye cosmetics being used. For example, dark shades of mascara on pale eyes with brown eye lashes will give the eyes a harsh look.
  • In case you need to curl your eyelashes, do so before applying mascara.
  • Start applying mascara from the root of the eye lashes moving outwards towards the tips.
  • Use a twisting motion of the wand as you move towards the tip of the eyelashes. Avoid pumping as that could break the bristles of the brush and spread the mascara unevenly over the eye lashes.
  • While applying mascara look into the mirror with your chin slightly up so that you can see your eyes while you move the wand over the eye lashes.
  • In case eye lashes are thick, they may stick together. Wait for the mascara to dry and then separate the eye lashes.
  • Applying two coats of mascara will provide a defining look to the eyes. Wait for the first coating to dry before applying it for a second time.
To define your eyes with make up it is very important to get the right product. Try and experiment with products recommended by friends and find the ones that suit you. Now that you know some useful makeup tips for eyes, experiment with your eye makeup and revel in the appreciating looks of others as your eyes do all the talking.