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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Bhavya Verma
If you have those mesmerizing blue eyes and are wondering what kind of makeup will best show them off, do not fret. Here are some makeup tips for blue eyes...
The eyes are the most prominent and expressive part of our face, and the right makeup is essential for enhancing the beauty of them. The important thing is to know which colors suit you the most. Do not apply a color simply because it is your favorite or because it matches your outfit.
The important aspect to be kept in mind is that the makeup should highlight the color of your eyes. Blue eye color ranges from sapphire to grayish blue, and if supplemented with the right makeup, can make for a refreshing look.
According to the exact shade of blue, makeup shades to be used would change. Here are some of the most common eye tips for blue eyes.


Depending upon the shade of blue, choose different shades of eye shadow. If your eyes are dark blue, both dark and light shades will do, but if they are light blue, choose a light shade so that the color of eyes is not lost.
The best color for blue eyes is pink. All shades of pink look good and bring out the blue color nicely. Apart from that gray, silver, lavender, taupe, reddish purple, violet and turquoise also do a good job of highlighting blue eyes.
You can also try bronze and gold shades if your skin tone is darker. Mint green too, can be used if your eyes have a shade of green in them.


Eyeliner is an important part of eye makeup. It is advisable that you use dark shades of eyeliners. This is because the darker shades highlight the blue eye color well.
Colors like chocolate brown, charcoal gray, black, olive green, and dark blue work best. It should be kept in mind that the eyeliner color should highlight the eye color and not draw attention to itself. You may also experiment with golden, silver and mint green to bring out the color.


Use dark shades of mascara. Mascara should be either dark blue or black. This will enhance the eye color and will go with every shade of eyeshadow that you choose.

Makeup Tips for Eyes

Here are some eye makeup techniques that can be used as for blue eyes.

➦ Use water-proof and smudge-proof makeup.
➦ Apply concealer on the entire area around the eyes for an even tone.
➦ Use fingertips for applying the concealer.
➦ To prevent any creasing, apply some loose powder.
➦ Pick the eye shadow color in three shades, i.e., light, medium, and dark.
➦ Apply the dark shade along the tip of the eyelid, medium at the central portion, and the light shade below the eyebrow.
➦ Blend the shades well so that it looks natural.
➦ Apply the eyeliner next.
➦ Complete the makeup by applying the mascara.
➦ Do not overdo the makeup as it can dramatize the entire look.
Another thing that has to be kept in mind is overall makeup. Blue eyes are your asset and you definitely want to highlight them. The trick is to underplay the rest of the makeup. First of all, use a concealer to cover any dark spots on your skin. Then apply a foundation base that is nearest to your original skin tone.
Do not use a very light or dark shade. Using a foundation base evens the skin and provides it with a glow. If you have a light skin tone or you are using shades of pink, gray, silver, or green as eye shadow, then you should go for light shades of pink and orange for lipstick.
But if you are using golden, bronze, lavender, or taupe as an eye shadow, or if you have a dark skin tone, either go for shades of maroon or red. If you do want to use a blush, keep it to a minimum.
Do not overdo the face makeup, as it might draw attention away from the eyes. You need to have only a hint of face makeup, just enough to highlight your eyes. The given combinations, if applied correctly, are best suited for blue eyes.
We hope these makeup tips for blue eyes were helpful. Try to use neutral tones of makeup during the day. At night, you can experiment with sparkles and glossy makeup.
Also, wear the colors that you are comfortable in and that suit your skin tone. Keeping in mind these makeup tips are a sure way to get that gorgeous and desired effect that will leave everyone spellbound.