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Makeup Ideas for Prom

Kritika Parwani
Prom is perhaps the most important social occasion in the life of a high school student, and makeup plays a pivotal role in helping any girl look her best. Read on to know more about makeup ideas for prom, which will make you a sure shot head turner.
A prom is as sacred for high school girls as Oscars are to Hollywood. And we all want to look our best on that special day. Though preparing for it can be a little daunting, dressing up for the occasion is the most fun part of it all!
Selecting the dresses, shoes, accessories, etc., and creating that perfect look for your fun night of dancing is a dream come true for every girl. The easiest and most fun way to stand out is by being a little creative with your makeup.
You don't have to run to a makeup artist to get makeup ideas for prom. Instead, you can achieve that perfect look by getting a few creative makeup tips for teenagers.


Makeup should be used to accentuate your best features. The following are a few makeup tips to help you achieve your dream look - complete with bright, red lips, sexy, bronzed look, and sensual, smokey eyes.
The basic rule of makeup is 'More is less'. Highlighting more than one feature is like fashion suicide. Choose your best feature (we all have one!), and accentuate it. Whether it is your 'Angelina Jolie lips' or 'Kate Bosworth eyes', go ahead and make the most of it!


Girls below twenty-five normally do not need any foundation or concealer. But on some special occasions, it can make your face look healthier and dewier.
There are tons of choices available, including tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, cream to powder foundation, etc.
Most people are always confused about how to choose the perfect foundation.
Since you will be dancing and don't want your foundation to melt away with your sweat, it is best to use oil-free foundation in a powder form. Applying a finishing powder over the foundation will help it stay longer. If you don't want a pancake batter look, it's best if you only apply foundation where you need it, like the cheeks, the chin, and the forehead.
For choosing the perfect color, you will have to make sure that it blends right into your skin tone so that it looks like you're not wearing any foundation at all! After all, no one wants a patchy or two toned look! So when buying it, try not to buy it at a local store, as most cosmetic shops in malls have people to help you choose the perfect shade.


If you choose to highlight your lips, then think bright. A classic choice for lips is red, so as to make them look more luscious. But remember, choosing the right shade of red is crucial, or it can come off looking cheap.
Another hot favorite is dark pink. Usually for such occasions, shades of brown are not the best choices. Once you have highlighted your lips with homemade lip gloss, keep the rest of the makeup minimal and soft so that your lips are the focal point.
If you are highlighting your lips only, apply light pink blush, natural colored shades for the eyes along with a little mascara to finish off your look, and you're all set to make a grand entrance!


If you have decided to highlight your eyes, then you have infinite choices. One option is to use dark shades of chocolate, jade, and deep plum colors on the eyes.
If you wish to be a little different, then use glitter. Line your eyes with black pencil liner, follow it up with a black liquid liner, and top it off with a layer of smudged shadow! This will make the makeup last longer.
To really make your eyes the focal point, add some dramatic colors like aqua blue or green. These colors will highlight the beauty of your eyes. Choose colors that complement your personality, but also remember to take into consideration your skin tone and eye color.
While doing any eye makeup, it is very important that your eyebrows are shaped. If they are not shaped, it can look extremely tacky. But do not get them shaped on the special day. Another idea is the evergreen smokey eyes. To get the perfect smokey eyes look, one needs to know how to apply eye shadow.
The key is blending in the eye shadow flawlessly. Also, what's crucial is to choose the right combination of light and dark colors. Some examples of beautiful smokey eyes include soft gold base with purple on top, or bright blue and peach base with a tinge of green.
Having smokey eyes is an evergreen style with which you can always make a statement. If you want your eyes to look more dramatic and different than usual, try wearing contact lenses of different colors. Applying mascara gives a finish to the makeup, and makes your eyes look bigger. So, always remember to finish your look by applying mascara.


The color of your blush depends on your facial features. If you are not sure, then the best option would be to go for a peachy, nude color blush, which will help you highlight your cheek bones.
Also, keep in mind that if you have to blend the blush in, it is probably too bright for your skin tone. You should apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you're not sure, just smile, and then apply on the most prominent part of your cheeks.
These cool makeup ideas for prom will help you stand out and make a grand entrance. For choosing the right makeup, you have to take into consideration your personality, dress sense, and hair style. So, go ahead, unleash your inner fashionista, and get ready to become the prom queen!