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Makeup Ideas to Amplify Your Beauty

Puja Lalwani
Makeup, if done properly, can enhance your natural beauty like nothing else. Here are some makeup ideas you can try to define your style.
Everyone is blessed with natural beauty, but sometimes it needs to be enhanced and taken to the next level, and that is where good makeup steps in. Whether you would like to keep it simple with a cute look or jazz it up for a girls' night out with a dramatic look, there is a little something for everyone.
Take a look at these ideas that would help you play up your natural beauty and have you stand out in the crowd.

Cute Makeup

The basic principle to sport a cute look with your makeup is to keep it subtle.
• The first step is to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin thoroughly. Apply a tinted moisturizer to give your face a clear, even skin tone, and to avoid the powdery look.
• Conceal any dark circles under the eyes with a concealer that blends well with your skin tone. You can apply it with your fingertips or with a concealer brush.
• Apply a very thin layer of a semi-transparent powder to set the makeup base in place. For those with oily skin, this step will help avoid the shine caused by the oil.
• For the makeup to look cute, apply a mild, subtle shade of eyeshadow on the eyes, from the upper lash line to the eyebrows. An eyeliner will make your eyes stand out. Also use mascara to volumize the eyelashes.
• Apply a very mild pink blush to the cheek bones, and blend it well around the area.
• For the lips, apply a light and tinted lip gloss to give it that additional pout. You can go with a lip gloss that has a mild shimmer too.

Dramatic Makeup

Sometimes you may want to jazz up your look a bit by going dramatic with your makeup.
• Begin by cleansing and moisturizing your face with a light moisturizer. For oily skin, use a toner before applying your moisturizer. This will prevent the shine caused by excessively oily skin.
• Apply an even layer of foundation on your skin, one that matches your skin tone. Excess foundation will give the skin an unnatural tone, so be careful. Proceed to use highlighting powder and an under eye concealer.
• For dramatic makeup, you have to play up the eyes. Pick out three colors of eyeshadow. These shades should proceed from light to dark, therefore, belong to the same family of colors. You could start with a light cream, moving to a slightly darker shade, followed by the darkest shade.
• Use the lightest color of eyeshadow on your eyelids, starting from the lash line to the eyebrows. Apply it well, and let it blend evenly with your skin. To further dramatize the jazz, apply just one line of the eyeshadow below the lower lash line, from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.
• The next step is to apply the next, darker shade of eyeshadow. You will apply this from the lash line only up to the eye crease. Now apply the darkest shade using an angled eye shadow brush. This is to be applied above the crease.
Begin with a little eyeshadow and proceed to apply more depending on how dark you want the shade to be. Ensure that you blend all the shades well. Let it proceed from light to dark naturally.
• Use a dark eyeliner pencil, and make the line starting just below the outer corner of the eye. Extend it slightly to create the cat's-eye look, and bring it back right up to the inner corner of the eye, above the upper lash line. Now apply a fine line just below but very close to the lower lash line. The upper eyeliner can be slightly thicker.
• Curl your eyelashes with a curler, and then use a mascara to add volume to them.
• Use a blush on your cheeks that matches your skin tone. Use a rosy blush if your skin is light, and if it is darker, use a nude shade. Apply it on your cheek bones, and blend it around the area.
• Apply a shimmering lip gloss, one that matches your skin tone. You can also apply a darker shade to jazz up your look a little.

You may already be a natural beauty, but when you try out these makeup styles, see the compliments that pour in. Just remember to adhere to the basic rules of skin care for these styles to have the desired effect at all times.