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Makeup Brush Holder

Naomi Sarah
A makeup brush holder is every girl's / woman's essential asset to keep her important makeup brushes in one place and not cluttered on her dresser or dumped into her handbag.
Makeup accessories are such, that you can't have them constantly scattered about on your desk or dresser top. You need to get a little organized, and have all your things coupled together in one place. The best way to keep all your makeup items in one place without the trouble of misplacing something important, is to own a makeup brush holder or a makeup bag to be precise.
Brushes are an accessory, since without it you'd be caught in a messy situation of using your fingers as substitutes (a big no-no when it comes to applying makeup). Emergency situations call for such extreme measures, but if you can save yourself the trouble of doing that, why not just get a compact brush holder?
You don't have to shell out money on a brush holder, you could just make one at home. If you want to sharpen your sewing skills and try a hand out at making one from home, then you'll find out soon enough on how to get started on this little project.

Knowing Your Brushes - Makeup Essentials 101

There's no point picking up a bunch of brushes from a cosmetic store, without knowing what each one does. Every contour of a brush is designed in such a way to give your face, eyes or lips that unique blend of color, producing a certain look which no two brushes will do.

Concealer Brush

A girl's best friend when it comes to makeup, has to be her concealer, especially if she's planning on whizzing out the door without anything but eyeliner, which is her second best friend by the way. It hides flaws and uplifts one's face making it look more radiant, and well, alive. This brush is used to cover up blemishes and spots that one wants to camouflage under a well picked out concealer that goes perfectly with one's skin tone.

Lip Brush

Using this brush makes you even out your lipstick, keeping it within your lip lines, and corners. It gives you a clean look, making it last longer when spread out like so. The two important brushes that fall under types of lip brushes are, long handed brushes, and retractable lipstick brushes.

Eyeshadow Brush

There are three distinct areas that eyeshadow brushes cover, and with that comes three significant brushes. The first one is the angled brush, used to blend colors towards the creases of your eyes; the second one, the blending brush, is used to merge two colors of eyeshadow to give it either a softer look, or a coalescence of two colors; and lastly a shadow brush, used to apply eyeshadow all over the lid of your eye, where the eye socket hump lies.
Eyeliner brushes are those that come twisted within bottles containing liquid eyeliners, that can be applied either in thin or thick strokes depending on the brush's design. A liner brush is used to separate eyelashes that have clumped together after mascara has been applied.

Facial Brushes

There are two kinds that come into this area of applying makeup, one being the contour brush - meant to apply blush onto one's cheekbone area; and the second one being the large powder brush, used to dust excess powder off the face for an overall even and clear look. A foundation brush is used to evenly apply a layer of foundation all over the face, eliminating that blotchy look.

How to Make a Makeup Brush Holder

For an interesting makeup brush holder design, we'll look into one such way of making these at home with the convenience of even carrying these around in your handbag.
What You'll Need:
  • Stiff fabric (two rectangular pieces in 8" by 6"; use more for a bigger pouch)
  • Open end zip
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Scissors
How to Begin:
Using one fabric cut, fold an inch of the 8 inch horizontal strip using a scale for guidance and sew one part of the zip firmly along the fold. Repeat this for the second fabric. Let the two strips meet after gliding the zipper along the fabric, stitching it wherever it needs fastened along the fabric's folds.
The stitch work should be done on the reverse side of the fabric with the zip facing forward, where you can turn it inside out after stitching the fabric all the way around, before inverting it once you're done. Get rid of loose thread and make sure the seams are close-knit - and that's all there is to it!

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You can always get creative by using sequins, lace or embroidered fabric. Use vibrant or color blocked fabric, to give your handmade makeup brush holder a professionally worked on look.
Just make sure you put your brushes in a different pouch and not sift through this for makeup - your brushes should have a place of their own in other words. Binding these together or putting these in a separate pouch away from your makeup is a smarter option. Keep it stylish.