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Avoid Makeup Blunders With These Easy Tips

Kashmira Lad
Think you look perfect with all that makeup on your face? Take a look again, as sometimes the cosmetic combinations may not really be perfect! Read on about some common makeup blunders you definitely need to avoid.
The application of makeup is almost like a work of art. Some people would do anything to be 'talked about', but we have compiled a list of some common mistakes you must definitely avoid so that when people talk about you, it is for all the right reasons!

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

▪ Ok, so that blush looks fantastic in the magazine advertisement on that model with the drop dead gorgeous looks, but too much blush can actually make you look as if someone has dropped a color palette over your face!
The blusher you use should give you a natural look - rosy and pretty! Look for soft pinks or peach, that makes you look youthful. The area of application also should be done appropriately; smile a little, and tap the blush onto the cheekbones. Dust only a little, save your generosity for something else.
▪ When you try to hide your blemishes, do you realize you are actually highlighting them? This is another common mistake that you need to carefully think about; wearing no makeup would actually be better, than giving prominence to your blemishes.
If you must apply a concealer, always match it with your foundation. Blend shades well, or better still, create your own.
▪ Well, you have spent loads of precious minutes applying that magnificent branded eye shadow, but hey, hang on! Have you checked out all the dust that lies beneath your eyes and on your cheeks?
One way to avoid this would be to do your eye makeup before you apply the foundation. Avoid rubbing off this dust, as this would embed it further into your skin.
▪ You walk into this party feeling great about yourself, and a second later you feel years older when a person walks up to you and says, 'You look a little tired today'. Alas! All those layers of cosmetics are wasted!
Sometimes, wrong color choices in your palette can add age to your face, rather than making you look youthful and fresh. Shades of blue and gray if applied incorrectly can be one of the biggest blunders you can make. Even if these shades are in vogue, stick to the basic colors unless you love drawing attention for all the wrong things.
▪ Being a workaholic will definitely give you dark circles under your eyes, but you need not advertise this to the world, by applying too much concealer. Instead, moisturize the area under your eyes, and use a light and creamy concealer in small amounts. Blend well.
▪ You may love applying lipstick, but if you have chapped lips, avoid using lipstick at all costs. Use a lip balm instead, which would keep your lips moist and soft. Some lip balms are available in tints of fresh colors and fruity flavors.
▪ Even if you have spent hours applying the eye shadow, forgetting to apply mascara or feeling too lazy can prove to be scary to others! Eye shadow particles can sit prettily on your lovely lashes and this certainly is not going to enhance your looks in any way!
Ensure you use the mascara on your upper and lower lashes to give a good definition to the eyes.
So, the next time you go all out with your makeup brushes, do keep these points in mind! Use the cosmetics to enhance your looks, put on your best dress and party the night away, in style!