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Makeup Advice for Teenagers

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Good makeup tips are essential and can come in handy, especially at an age as vulnerable as teenage. They will help you discover your most striking and flattering features and how to accentuate them best.
There are plenty of young girls who want to begin using makeup and this information is a guide to help enhance their pretty looks.

Makeup for School

Many young girls starting middle or high school tend to worry about their looks and what they should wear. You should first understand your personality and the highlights of your natural features and work towards enhancing them. Wear only those colors that suit you and clothes that you are comfortable in.
Don't blindly ape teenagers in magazines or other girls in school. You need to create your own identity rather than ending up a copycat. The trick is to first accept yourself and your body as you are and then work towards enhancing your features.
A makeup kit for a teenager should include cosmetics like a lip gloss, a mineral foundation, and some pale eye shadow. Do not wear heavy eye shadow as it does not suit your age.
As a sixth or seventh grader you need to wear makeup as little as possible. This is when your skin is prone to developing pimples and acne. Heavy makeup will just make matters worse and you will end up with a pimple-prone face.
Whatever makeup you intend to use, first try it on weekends to understand the amount that you need. Ask your mom or elder sister if it looks fine.
Use eyeliner that doesn't smudge as you do not want it to run and make you look like you have a black eye. You can even try out some eye shadow and mascara. Wear tinted lip gloss to add color to your lips. The following tips will serve as a guide on wearing makeup to school.


The first thing to remember is to wash your face with a cleanser. This will help prevent pimples and keep your face looking clean and soft. Then you need to gently massage in a moisturizer when your face is damp.
Then apply foundation by rubbing it inwards to give it a neat look. Blend the foundation well around the jaw line. If the neck seems a darker shade than your face, you need to apply a little more on the neck.
Then you can groom your eyebrows and lashes with a brow and lash comb to give them a proper shape (if required). Now apply a soft colored eye shadow to give your eyes a natural look. Do not go in for really dark colors as it will not be appropriate for your age.
Next, apply a natural toned eye liner like black, brown or dark blue. It is better to use a pencil and not liquid. If you are inexperienced in applying eye liner, you may smudge it all over the eye.
To highlight and add dimension to your cheeks, apply a light blush or bronzer.
Apply lip balm on your lips to moisturize them and then wear lip color. You can add more shine to your lips by applying a coat of lip gloss over your lipstick.
Makeup at a young age should be avoided. However, if you are inclined towards makeup, then keep it minimal. Uncover your natural beauty and makeup will not even be required.