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Tips for Choosing Lowlights for Your Hair

Rutuja Jathar
What is so special in lowlights that makes them so popular? Read on to get to know everything...
By coloring your hair right, you can make an amazing fashion statement. Not only that, even if it is to disguise the gray and silver hair, this is the top most act that the beauty conscious people won't ever get fed up of.
Although they are not as popular as highlights are, getting lowlights is one technique that is sure catching up. If done properly and carefully, it adds charm and glamor to your hair and personality.
Any hair color you choose, must gel completely with your natural hair color. There are many people who over-highlight their hair and lose all its charm. This does not happen with lowlights, as they are not as flashy as the highlights.
Lowlights also called twilights, are in fact a better 'treatment' for the over highlighted hair because they add depth and warmth to the hair. Lowlights are the darker hues of hair that give a subtle variation to the hair and enhance the tone of the same. They are able to provide greater color shifts for all hair color types and textures.
Basically, colors selected are two shades darker than the original hair color, which makes the hair more beautiful and attractive. Additionally, lowlights are excellent for the concurrent problem of gray hair and add that dramatic look to your overall appearance.
It is also a great option to be tried during the winter season when your hair needs serious help from the summer that you just spent on the beach.

Choosing the Correct Lowlights

Lowlights can actually be done to any hair type, length and texture, provided that the placement is right. But, the fact is that short hairstyles grow quickly, so lowlights last longer with the long hairstyles.
Highlights are placed on top of the hair so that they can frame the face, whereas lowlights look stunning when they are placed on the lower layers of the hair strands. You may choose the lighter shades as well, but lowlights should actually must be two shades darker than the original hair color, this way they look more appealing.
One can also choose various shades of a single hue to get versatility while blending highlights and lowlights to give a uniquely transition look for the season. It is best to avoid the hues for lowlights, that could make the skin look pale and ill, it would be the biggest disaster as far as your styling is concerned. 
The cost is relatively low and you can expect better results if the hairdresser is a genius and handy with the styling knowledge.

Choosing the right hair color

Copper or deeper blond lowlights will suit natural blonde along with caramel, bronze, beige or honey; while gray hair better be camouflaged with hues that are two to three shades darker. Brunets will look more attractive with the rich hues of brown and red, while redheads will look sensational with colors like brunet and golden browns.
Girls with black hair, should try magenta, brunet, or plums and strictly avoid the lighter shades as they will look really unnatural.
Hair care for lowlights is just the same with any other hair color. Using color preserving hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, serum, and sprays is one of them. If you take proper care of the lowlights on your hair, you will see that they last longer than the other hair coloring techniques.