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Stylish Low Bun Hairstyle

Sujata Iyer
Wondering if a low bun hairstyle is the way to go for you? Information here will tell you all about this fabulous hairstyle.
A low bun is one hairstyle that you can never go wrong with. It oozes oomph and gives your face a mature and sophisticated look. Why, even celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Christina Applegate, Sarah Michelle Gellar swear by it! Know how to make a low bun by reading ahead.

How to Make a Low Bun

First things first, what is a low bun hairstyle and how do you get one? Well, for the uninitiated, a low bun is nothing but a hairstyle which involves coiling your hair at the nape of your neck. It could be a loose bun or a tight bun, depending on what you wish and, of course, the occasion.
So, now that you know what it is, let's learn how to make one. It is essentially a way of styling long or medium hair, so you'll need at least shoulder length hair for it. But you can always use hair supplements to increase the length of your hair and have an elegant updo!
Just follow the simple steps and you'll have an elegant low bun which is a great quick hairstyle for long hair

1. Take all your hair into a ponytail.
2. Take it low, towards the nape of your neck.
3. Hold the tail end of your hair with your other hand.
4. Slowly, rotate the ponytail, so that it forms a ball.
5. Continue doing this till the entire hair is coiled neatly.
6. Fasten the bun using a bun clip.
7. Generally, you should be able to knot the tail into the bun, but if you can't, then fasten the ends with hair clips (preferably matching your hair color).
8. Your pretty chignon is ready.
9. You can use any hair accessories that you wish to further enhance it.

For Prom

A prom is the biggest day in the life of a teenage girl. It's the day when she gets to dress like a princess! And being a girl, which prom hairstyle to pick is one of the most confusing questions that runs through her mind.
Try a low bun hairstyle for your prom. It will add a touch of panache to your overall appearance. Use these tips to look oh-so-gorgeous on your prom night.
  • Wash your hair and condition it.
  • Blow dry it thoroughly.
  • Get dressed, finish your makeup and then do your hair.
  • Tie a neat low bun and fasten it with a clip of your hair color to camouflage it.
  • You'll definitely have matching jewelry on, so use matching, small sparkly clips in your hair.
  • Once the bun is done, fasten the sparkly clips at random places in your hair. You'll be shimmering from head to toe!

For Weddings

Low bun hairstyles for weddings have become quite a rage these days! And why not! It goes perfectly with any type of wedding dress. Every blushing bride wants to take her groom's breath away.
Looking perfect on the wedding day is just the way to do it. And the perfect way to look perfect is to sport a neat, stylish and glamorous looking low bun hairstyle. Just use the following tips and you'll blow him away.
  • Wash, condition and dry your hair.
  • Even though it is an easy hairstyle for girls, ask a person accustomed to styling hair to make your low bun.
  • If you plan on wearing a tiara, then a tight low bun is a better idea.
  • If you want to add sprinkles of shiny pins, then a slightly loose low bun hairstyle will be just right.
  • Big diamond jewelry will look terrific with a bun, and if you want to keep your neck bare, wear chandelier earrings with diamonds.
  • Your stunning (and I mean this literally) look is ready!
You can experiment with low bun hairstyles all you want! Keep them loose or tight, clipped or knotted, etc. You can also try out messy low buns if you think it will suit you.
A classic low bun is perfect for a formal event like an office dinner or an important presentation.
A messy bun is a great option when you're having a bad hair day. So now you know what to do when your hair starts acting up! Just tie it into a low bun and have a nice day!