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Long Shaggy Hairstyles for Women

Pragya T
Are you bored of long, plain hair? Dying to add some volume to your tresses? Consider cutting them into some shaggy style for a new look, with some guidance from here.
Long and shaggy hair look cute and edgy, depending on the haircut and how you carry it. If you get choppy layers and dye your hair black, it will look weird.
If you have side layers and choppy bangs with a side parting, it can lend a sexy look. With some curly hairstyles and blunt bangs, you can sport a cute look. Use some flapper hair accessories to add style to it.

Women's Shaggy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Medium-long Styles

If you have shoulder length hair, you can try out some interesting medium-long shaggy hairstyles. There are many ways to do this.
#1# Consider this idea if you don't want too shaggy a look.
  • Simply middle part your hair, and get choppy bangs.
  • Cut the hair on the sides into choppy layers.
  • All the layers should be cut such that they are styled inwards.
  • The edges should appear tapering.
For this style you will need to keep your hair straight.
#2# Another way is a choppy style all over.
  • Get some choppy layers near the crown. Style them inwards or outwards, the way you want.
  • Cut the hair at the sides, tapering in such a way that they cover the sides of the face.
  • Use a razor cut for the bottom section, to get soft, wispy ends.
  • Go with choppy bangs, but keep the hair strands tapering and well-separated.

Long Layered Styles

It is advisable not to make this too messy, as it already takes a lot to maintain very long hair.
#1# A simple way to make a shaggy hairstyle appear good, in case of long hair, is to add the Cleopatra bangs.
  • Middle part the hair.
  • Cut the hair into layers on both the sides, and flip them outwards.
  • Accompany this with blunt, sweeping Cleopatra bangs.
  • Shiny, raven black hair looks fabulous in this style, so you can consider dyeing your hair too.
#2# You can also cut your front hair into mixed layered styles.
  • Cut the front section of the hair into Cleopatra bangs.
  • Cut the hair on the sides into deep, choppy layers. Style them inwards, covering the sides of your face.
  • Cut the hair behind these layers into deep layers. Flip these ends outwards.
#3# Here is a fresh new style.
  • Take a large front section of the hair, and cut it into long, asymmetrical bangs.
  • Cut the ends into a tapering, choppy style.
  • Don't give layers on the side. Keep it straight.
If you want to soften this look, consider getting a razor cut done on this style.

Curly Layered Styles

There are many ways to cut your long hair into cool-looking, curly shag-layered haircuts.
#1# One simple way to do this is the bohemian style.
  • Simply get a few layers in your long hair. However, don't get them near the crown.
  • Start cutting layers below the chin.
  • Cut the hair section near the forehead into bangs. Go with Cleopatra style blunt, sweeping bangs.
This style looks great with jet black hair, or with a medium shade of blond.
#2# Another way to cut your long hair into curly, layered style.
  • Add some layers near the crown, to add a lot of volume there.
  • Cut the rest of the hair into layers.
  • The hair should be cut such that the ends look tapering. This can be done with a razor.
  • Cut the front section into sweeping side bangs.
  • Let some hair strands cover the eyes in a choppy, edgy manner.
Even if you don't have curly or wavy hair, you can style it to look that way, within a few minutes. You'll need to work with a curling hair solution. Sea salt spray and a volumizing curling serum work the best. Apply the curling solution on wet hair. Scrunch it for a minute, let it dry naturally, and you will have beautiful, beach-wavy hair.
To add more to your style, consider some hair coloring ideas. Lowlights go great with shaggy hairstyles. They add more texture and style. Due to the texture, the layers in the hair stand out even more.
To maintain your shaggy hairstyle, it is important that you keep getting a regular trim. Otherwise, the ends will lose the sharp tapering look which gives the shag effect. So, keep getting a trim every 4-6 weeks, depending upon your hair growth.