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Long Layered Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Azmin Taraporewala
Long layered hairstyles for fine hair can keep hair looking healthy, adding that bounce that people with fine hair crave for. Layered hairstyles can do the trick for fine hair.
Most of us feel ever so unsatisfied after returning from the hair salon. Why? The hairstyle that we had in mind was not mimicked by the hairstylists and her chopper. This may well be the start of disliking the haircut and developing a sour taste towards the style that is now, very much, a part of you.
Reading This Information Will Help You . . .
  • If the thought of a haircut makes you go red in the face.
  • If your experience with your hairstyle has been worse than a nightmare.
  • If your haircut gives you the 'to hell and back' look.
  • If the sight of your hair forces you to curse the day, the moment when you had decided to go for a trendy haircut.
  • If every single day is a bad hair day for you.
If your answers to most of these questions is a YES, then here is an interesting read for you.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Women with fine hair often complain that their hair lacks bounce and fails to look fuller. Remember most women tend to get confused between the terms thin and fine hair.
Fine hair is the texture of each strand of hair being very delicate in construction, and thin hair means that the hair follicles that are present per square inch are lesser. Thus, the number of hair follicles are less, in turn causing the hair to look thin.
So now you know that fine hair is 'Not' thin. They are prone to breakage and split-ends. They are also known to betray the scalp and romance the brush more often. Well, the perfect choice that you could resort to make is to opt for layered haircuts. The best part about this style of haircut is its flexibility.
There are a many ways in which this haircut can be adapted. A long layered style is versatile and can lend you the perfect professional look.
It is makes you look chic and classy when you are hanging out with friends. Move about town or stay at home sipping coffee, you will surely look great with this hairstyle.

What Layers Can Do for You

When you ask your hairstylist to add layers to your hair, the hairstylist will add 'levels' to your hair. This will create an illusion of your hair being thick, voluminous and flattering.
The hair is cut in such a manner that the hair is shorter closer to the crown, tends to get longer as you descend the hair length and is the longest at its optimum length.
Long layered hairstyle with bangs is the best look you can wear as it is one style that can never be rated as passe.
This style looks great on younger women and can be carried off well as they are free to try haircuts that are trendy and groovy. If you are worried about long layers complimenting your face shape, rest assured, long layers can flatter any face shape.

Hairstyles to Try with the Long Layered Look

Having fine textured hair and the urge to keep it long is one critically delicate combination. However, it is not as though one is unable to handle the condition. There is some styling that needs to be done to get your locks looking luscious. An illusion of voluminous hair is what you need to apply a few tricks for.
>>You can pull your hair back into a ponytail and have the shorter layers fall naturally over the face. Just tie your hair with a ribbon or a clip for a fresh look.
>>Continuing with a ponytail trend, why not have a bump pony hairstyle. Fluff up your hair taking the front section, bulging it by lifting it from the scalp, pinning it towards the lower section of the crown.
You may now tie up your hair into a ponytail, that has a descending appearance. The ponytail should not stick out, instead must have a tapering yet sharp look.
>>You can experiment with your hair all the more when you get a layered haircut. Have long layers that fall below your ear or have eye-length short bangs that draw attention to your expressive eyes! Style them sleek or have them cloaked up in soft waves.
>>If you have a layered haircut, you may either pin them up with a fluff to restrict your hair from settling flat on your scalp or a soft blow dry gives your hair a natural wavy.

>>You could wear a hair band to look all so petite and pretty.
>>You could use rollers or hair curlers to have your hair all curled up in style.
>>You could also have your hair pulled up into a classic bun. To add dimension to the face you could curl up the hair strands that escape from the bun to frame your face naturally or you may opt to form fine and soft ringlets with the loose strands.
With these hairdos in mind you are sure to have one that flatters your face. However, when you choose a style for your face, keep in mind that you need to take care of your hair if you want to maintain your style and in this case, your layers.
Go for a trim every two months, at least to retain the style and have your hair looking sleek and healthy. Don't forget to eat well and drink plenty of water. They are paramount shine retainers!