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Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

Mamta Mule
This is the latest hairstyle trend that many fashionistas are flaunting to spice up their personality. If you are planning to cut your hair short, then why not fancify your locks with long layered bob hairstyles?
When it comes to getting a haircut that is casual and formal at the same time, the bob is always a popular pick. If you need to cut your locks into a style that gives you a perfect makeover then, a modish bob is definitely one of the best options. With the many versions of this haircut you always have a choice that suits your taste and personality.
Moreover, it ensures that you are never late! Well, as this is one of the maintenance free styles, you can dress your hair in a few minutes. While many believe that they are just for those having very short locks, today medium length bobs are much more popular.
Apart from this, layered cuts are even more popular. If you are planning to get your locks chopped shorter, then this can be a great alternative.

Versions of Bob

If you have straight hair, then a long inverted bob with only 1 long layer cut just above the base can impart a cool look. If you want something where you can add more layers then checkout the stacked bob. You can have long cascading layers with the choppy bob. This also consists of face framing layers that will be swept on one side.
One of the best haircuts is the graduated bob with tapering layers towards one side. You can also choose to cut your hair in asymmetrical bob with long layers that look fashionable. Asymmetrical layers also make the best cuts for curly or wavy hair.

Spicing Up the Bob

Along with the layers, you can add fringes and bangs to your haircut. Let me tell you that this haircut with bangs look really beautiful. Be those face framing bangs flowing on both your cheeks or short bangs that just cover your forehead, these are sure to spice up your looks.
You can go for one sided tapering bangs for graduated or inverted bob. The isometric bangs look best with simple bob with just 1-2 layers.
Those with bangs that are center-parted are a strict no-no. Go for side swept bangs or symmetric bangs covering your forehead. For curly locks go for sparse bangs that fall on your forehead which look best with a choppy cut. Chopped bangs look great with straight hair. You can also choose to have out-turned bangs that stay on your cheeks.
Well, the simple short bob is almost a passe. With these trendy styles, you can get set to look stylish and ever ready. Make sure you add the right type of bangs and layers to this. Choosing the cut depends upon the type of your hair. Something that looks great on straight locks, need not necessarily look good on curly or wavy locks.
With a classy bob you can instantly revamp your looks. This is the best alternative to opt for in any season. Make sure you step into the best beauty salon to ensure that you get the right cuts and chops that lead to a perfect bob as you desired to have.