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Long Hair Styles for Round Faces

Pragya T
There are many gorgeous long hair styles for round faces. This information will provide you with many options of hairstyles for women out of which you can select the one you like the most...
Long hair can give a sassy look to any face shape or structure. But, styling and managing long hair can be a pain sometimes. Also, there are limited hair cut and styles, when it comes to long hair.
With some good styling ideas and a good haircut you can make your long hair look great. If you have a round face shape and long hair then a layered haircut will work best for you. And with some hair accessories and updo styles you can style your hair gorgeous.
Wavy Layered Hairstyles: Layered haircuts are the best haircuts for round-shaped faces.
To cut your wavy hair into long layers, cut your hair near the crown into few layers, so that they add volume to your face and make it appear longer. Then cut the rest of the hair into deep layers, so that the hair ends look tapering.
Finally, cut the front section into side sweeping bangs, and snip off some hair near the ends to make the bangs look well-defined. Then style your hair wavy, using a wavy hair mousse or sea salt spray.
Curly Hairstyles: If you have curly hair, then sporting your curly locks into a Bohemian style can make you look stunning. For curly hairstyles, you can just part your hair in the middle and use a thick tooth comb to groom your hair and you are good to go.
Straight Hairstyles: If you have straight fine hair, then here are tips to get sleek-looking layered hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous.
Middle part your hair and starting from jawline or from your chin get deep layers on both sides till the hair ends. Then accompany this style with side bangs which come till your eyebrows. Make sure the bangs aren't too thick and have hair strands that look well separated.
Bohemian Styles: To get the bohemian look use these tips to get hairstyles with bangs. Cut the front section of your hair into blunt Cleopatra style bangs and let your hair loose. Make sure you don't tuck your hair behind your ears, as this will give the unnecessary attention to your cheeks.
Pony Hairstyles: Ponytail styles are great if you are looking for a quick hairstyle and don't have much time to style your hair.
Just middle part your hair and comb your hair using a big tooth comb. Then form a loose ponytail and place it on your shoulder. Take out some hair strands from the sides and some bangs from the front. Place a cute hair band to accessorize.
Braid Hairstyles: If you are having a bad hair day and the hair are very unmanageable, then braid hairstyles work great.
Just comb all your hair back and tie them in a simple braid or a French braid style, if you have time. Use a pretty rubber band to secure the braid and take out few strand from sides to soften your look.
Updo Styles: Updo hairstyles look very elegant and are perfect for evening parties. To tie your hair into a gorgeous looking updo, style your hair wavy.
Then middle part your hair and scoop them behind and secure them into a loose bun, near the nape of your neck. Place a beautiful pin to accessorize. Then take out few strands from the sides for a soft romantic look. Wear a strapless gown and dangling earrings to finish your look.