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Long Hair Styles for 2020

Pragya T
Long hair look really gorgeous on women, and unique on men. They are a style statement. Here are some of the latest trends of long hairstyles, that might catch your interest.
Most women are envious of other women with long hair, and men love seeing long hair on a woman. Women with long hair stand out in the crowd, and when styled properly, the long locks look stunning.
Long hairstyles with bangs are becoming popular. However, modern hairstyles are not dramatic but just layered sleek styles with bangs, and subtle hair coloring.

Women's Long Hairstyles

Beautiful Long Curly Hairstyles

Long soft body curls look very glamorous. To get soft body curls, you can opt for a perm. But, a safer alternative is to simply use a hair curling solution.
For this use a hair curling serum or sea salt spray on wet hair, and then compress your hair. Let the hair dry naturally, and you will have sexy looking body curls. Then just part your hair sideways and you are good to go. If you don't want to part them, then style them into a bump hairstyle, and let the rest of the hair open.

Messy Updos

This is one of the best and easiest hairstyles for long hair. It looks alluring and gives a casual care-free attitude. Just comb your hair and scoop them back, securing it into a loose bun with a rubber band and you are done.

Long Braid Hairstyles

Braids are so 'in'! From simple English braids, to complex looking herringbone braids, all are popular.
You can also make mini French braids and keep the rest of the hair open for a cute bohemian look. These long hairstyles are perfect for a bad hair day, and look great on everybody.

Casual Ponytail Styles

Ponytail styles look great and are casual hairstyles which you can wear when going out.
One of the popular style of ponytail is done by taking a strand from the ponytail and wrapping it around the base of the ponytail. This style looks elegant as it hides the rubber band holding the ponytail.

Fringe Styles

Fringe hairstyle goes with any kind of face cut and makes you look gorgeous. The one with straight hair can try this look, and for the one with curly hair should straighten their hair at the beginning. Go get your fringe now!

Men's Long Hairstyles

Layered Styles

Short hair styles are more popular, but those who like to wear their hair long can try out these ideas. Check out pictures of Justin Bieber and Zack Efron's hairdos. These are layered cut which are cut choppy and tapering, with sweeping bangs.

Long Layered Styles

If you are looking for slightly longer hair styles for men, then check out the pictures of Keith Urban's hairstyle. These are long layered hairstyle, with long side bangs.

Undercut Quiff

Another really cool long hair style for boys is the undercut quiff. Mix a faux hawk, some side cuts and a quiff and you have a brand new hair style. Get your hair cut into a quiff, and cut the sides so that you can style n undercut.
If you want to add more to your style, get some subtle color skinny streaks to your hair. This totally changes the way your hair looks, without overdoing it. So, go to a good stylist to cut your hair, and get a trim every 4-6 weeks, to maintain your haircut.