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Long Choppy Haircuts

Rimlee Bhuyan

Long choppy haircuts have emerged as the most popular style in recent times. The best thing about them is that they are edgy and sophisticated, and can be styled in many different ways.
There is something very edgy and avant garde about long choppy haircuts. They are in vogue right now, and are very appealing to young people who are looking to update their look. Not everyone can carry off this haircut, and you need sharp facial features and attitude to carry it.
The important thing to remember while getting a long choppy haircut is that you need to have thick tresses, as it just cannot be done with thin and limp hair. There are many variations of these haircuts and you can try them with bangs, layers and different partings. You can also experiment with different colors or highlights to give your hair a unique look.

Choppy Haircuts for Long Hair

A long choppy haircut is a very high maintenance hairstyle, and it needs regular trimming and styling if you want it to look chic. This hairstyle is suitable for women with heart-shaped or round faces with high cheekbones.
A choppy haircut for long hair usually features bangs, with textured layers and razored ends. Hair needs to be either blow dried or straightened by a flat iron to keep the it looking polished and sexy.
This kind of haircut is great for youngsters, but not suitable for women who are working as executives or are in the service industry. So you need to choose it with care, as this style might not be very suitable with your lifestyle and occupation.
As these haircuts have quite a lot of layering, it creates volume at the crown, and to offset that, it is best to go for face-framing bangs. Bangs are most suitable for women who have strong features with a distinct forehead, as it helps to soften the look.
If you are not comfortable having too much volume in your hair, and want a more refined and sleek look, then you can go for choppy haircuts with more subtle layers at the back.
It can also be cut and styled in such a way that there is not much volume in the top portion of the head, and the bangs are long with a side parting. Use a straightening iron to get poker-straight hair, and apply a shine serum for maximum impact.
Another great haircut that is worthy of the red carpet is to go for angled choppy layers. This is a very trendy and sleek look, and is most suitable for women with a round face. It should be styled in side parting, with a little shine serum.
This long choppy haircut has the ability to instantly give the face more definition, and bring all the focus to the eyes. This hairstyle is paired well with light bronze foundation, smoky eyes, and nude lips.
If you have curly hair, ask your stylist for a subtle graduation at the back. This haircut has the ability to make round fuller faces appear slimmer. The bangs should be side swept, with long subtle layers to give the hair some movement.
Before going to your hair stylist to get long choppy haircuts, it is best if you first find some examples of this style. Go through the latest magazines and search on the internet to find pictures. Make sure that the haircut you choose suits your face structure and enhance your looks.