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Long Bob Haircuts for 2020

Pragya T
Long bobs look chic, and at the same time you don't have to have super-short hair. Here are some trendy long bobs with pictures.
What's great about bobs?
#1 - They are easy on maintenance.
#2 - They highlight your best features, making you look great.
#3 - They are never out of fashion.

So, why not cut your tresses and sport a bob hairstyle!

Long Layered Bobs

A long layered bob can be cut in many ways. People with a round face can go with some layers near the crown, to makes their face look less round.
For a layered bob, you can either cut your hair into layers and then flip it outwards or style it inwards. It depends upon the look you want to achieve. With a layered bob, you can opt for side sweeping bangs.

Asymmetric Long Bob

An asymmetric long bob is nothing but a variation of the inverted bob. You can either keep the side hair symmetric or asymmetric.
For example, one side can be chin-length, while the other side can be shoulder-length, or even longer. If you want to make the style look even more bold, then consider accompanying this style with asymmetric bangs.

Long Inverted Bob

Inverted bob haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles today. To get an inverted bob, the hair on the sides are cut longer and the hair at the back is kept short. This gives an inverted/graduated bob appearance.
The length of the back hair and side hair depends upon you. You can keep the hair at the back cut real short near the nape of the neck, and the side hair as long as you want. Inverted bobs look great with blunt Cleopatra style bangs.

Cute Romantic Long Bob

Romantic bobs are hairstyles which are rapidly gaining popularity. To get the flapper look, simply style your hair in curls or waves. You can do it using pin curls, rollers, curling irons, or with a curling solution like sea salt spray.

Stylish Long Choppy Bobs

Choppy hairstyles are very popular these days. Choppy hairstyles are cut using deep layering. For this, small hair sections are cut into different lengths, to get the choppy effect. You can cut your hair into a cool choppy bob, and then pair with side choppy bangs.

Bob With Bangs

Blunt long bobs are good if you want a sleek stylish look. Simply get your hair cut into the same length at the edges. Then middle part or side part it. These styles look great with bangs. So, you can consider dyeing your hair for further styling.
The first thing you need to tell your stylist when getting a long bob haircut is the length of the hair. You can go with chin length bob, or go with shoulder length bob. However, if you want an even longer bob, then consider going with inverted or layered bob styles for extra long hair length hairstyles.
People with curly hair getting a bob cut need to remember to cut their hair extra long, because the curly hair will spring up once they are dry.
You can mix and match the bob styles with different types of bangs. This will help you get a unique bob hairstyle for yourself. You can also seek advice of your stylist on hair coloring and additional styling.